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Career Services Code of Ethics

McCombs Career Services Code of Ethics

The McCombs Career Services (MCS) Code of Ethics provides a framework for the professional relationships among the MCS staff, employers and McCombs students. This document is reviewed annually by the students, staff and Associate Deans for the McCombs School of Business degree programs.

Students are expected to represent both themselves and the school in a manner that demonstrates the highest standards of professionalism and integrity which includes, but is not limited to the guidelines for behavior detailed below. By agreeing to follow these standards for professional and ethical behavior for career services, all McCombs students agree to:

1. Provide Accurate Information
2. Submit an R.S.V.P. When Asked
3. Prepare Sufficiently
4. Arrive on Time
5. Dress Professionally
6. Show Respect for Recruiters, Employers and the Career Services Staff
7. Apply Only for Positions That Match Your Abilities and Interests
8. Stand Behind Your Commitment After Accepting an Internship or Full-Time Job Offer
9. Report Your Employment Status

Provide Accurate Information

You must provide complete and accurate information on all career related materials (e.g. graduation date, GPA, standardized test scores, work eligibility, transcript, employment data). Furnishing false information is a violation of student standards of conduct which will result in immediate loss of on-campus recruiting privileges and a referral to The University of Texas at Austin-Student Judicial Services office. Subsequent disciplinary actions may be taken up to and including expulsion.

Submit an R.S.V.P. When Asked

Students are expected to R.S.V.P. ("Repondez S'il Vous Plait" is French for "please reply") by the deadline posted to help employers and staffs plan for their events and workshops. Large numbers of unexpected guests can result in companies not having enough recruiters, refreshments, or handout materials for students. If you R.S.V.P. affirmatively to an event or meeting, you should follow through with the commitment. Large numbers of no-shows for events or receptions can result in companies canceling campus interviews.

Prepare Sufficiently

When attending a recruiting event or interview, be prepared to engage in conversation as well as answer and ask questions as appropriate. Being prepared includes completing company/industry research and preparing questions in advance. Failure to do so demonstrates the candidate’s lack of interest and reflects poorly on all McCombs students. Please also note that students are expected to learn and understand how to use campus recruiting systems as part of their overall preparation.

Arrive on Time

Arrive on time for all recruiting events. For interviews, it is strongly advised that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time to leave adequate time for check-in. Remember that by scheduling an interview you have committed to showing up on time for that interview, unless a legitimate reason arises (e.g. recent acceptance of another offer, sudden personal illness or a death in the family). Should an emergency arise, or if you know ahead of time that you will be late for an interview or event, please notify a McCombs Career Services staff member as soon as possible. Students are expected to accept interview opportunities when they request pre-select consideration unless they have accepted another offer in the intervening time. If you do not plan to take an interview spot for which you have been pre-selected, please decline the invitation as soon as possible. There is no penalty for declining invitations to interview. You cannot transfer your spot to another student. By declining the interview, you allow us to fill the open slot with another candidate.

Missing an interview or having a late cancellation (defined as canceling an interview after you can no longer cancel in the on-campus recruiting system - this date is reflected as the "Sign-up End Date") are considered serious offenses and will result in immediate and permanent loss of access to on-campus recruiting. If you have a legitimate reason for missing an interview (as defined above), you will need to contact your career services Director (for BBA, MPA, or MBA) or your MSFMSIROM,or MSTC Program Director, to appeal your case and have your on campus recruiting privileges reinstated.

Dress Professionally

Interviews are typically business dress unless otherwise noted. Presentations and company receptions are typically business casual unless otherwise noted. Jeans, shorts, sneakers, flip flops and similar casual wear are never appropriate at any recruiting related or company-sponsored event.

Show Respect for Recruiters, Employers and the Career Services Staff

All students should treat staff and recruiters with the utmost respect. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Keeping cell phones, laptops and pagers off during any recruiting event or interview
  • Promptly responding to all e-mail, written and phone communications from recruiters, employers and the career services staff
  • Behaving in a respectful and professional manner at all recruiting events and interviews, including all office visit recruiting trips

It is important to understand that every interaction you have with a prospective employer or staff member either enhances or detracts from your personal reputation and the reputation of the school. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Apply Only for Positions That Match Your Abilities and Interest

You should submit your resume only for positions which align with your career interests and for which you are qualified. Indiscriminate "shopping around" diminishes opportunities for your classmates. Do not treat recruiting as an opportunity for "practice interviews." It is unfair to your peers who genuinely want the job and to the company expending resources to recruit. McCombs Career Services staff are available to assist you with mock interviews.

Stand Behind Your Commitment After Accepting an Internship or Full-Time Job Offer

Students must honor the acceptance of an offer as a contractual agreement with the employer. It is unacceptable to continue interviewing or making office visits after accepting an offer, or to back out on an accepted offer. Students who back out (renege) on an accepted offer will be denied all future use of the career services including coaching and on-campus recruiting services. Please do not represent yourself as being prepared to accept an offer unless you are prepared to do so. An offer is considered accepted once the student and the employer have jointly agreed to the terms of employment.

Students must respond to every offer, whether they accept or reject it. Upon the acceptance of a job offer you agree to:

  • Notify all other employers with whom you are a job candidate and withdraw yourself from further consideration
  • Notify your Career Services office of your acceptance
  • Report all relevant offer information (e.g. company name, salary, bonus, location, etc.) for employment reporting

Acceptance of Unpaid Internships Offers (where applicable)

You may accept a qualifying unpaid internship and include certain preconditions in your acceptance, such as the right to terminate the unpaid internship if a paid position with another employer becomes available. It is strongly advised that these preconditions be set forth and agreed to in writing.

Report Your Employment Status

After accepting an offer of employment, you agree to complete an Intern or Full-Time Employment Survey

as appropriate.  These surveys are available through a secure site on your program's career office webpage (for BBA, MPA, and MBA). For other McCombs School of Business degree programs (MSF, MSTC, and MSIROM), please contact your program office.  While the individual salary and offer data provided by students are not released, the aggregate results are critical to current and prospective students, recruiters and administrators. The data are necessary for McCombs to complete information for business school rankings and the information provided is among your best tools for future salary negotiations. It is a student's responsibility to keep his/her personal profile and current employment information in all career related systems updated and accurate.

Ethics Compliance Process

At the beginning of the fall semester, it is mandatory for all McCombs students to complete a McCombs Code of Ethics certification process that includes:

  • Reading and understanding the MCS Code of Ethics
  • Seeking clarification for any outstanding questions from a McCombs Career Services staff member
  • Signing into the on-campus recruiting system and indicating their agreement to abide by the code. This is done by logging into the system and entering the profile/privacy tab. At that point, a student can indicate their acceptance and save the change on their profile.

All students must complete the certification process to be granted access to the on-campus recruiting system.

Compliance with the McCombs Career Services Code of Ethics is mandatory. Compliance with the McCombs Code of Ethics allows students to continue to have access to all McCombs recruiting privileges including access to the on-campus recruiting system. Violations of the policy can lead to loss of those privileges. Furthermore, dishonesty or highly improper conduct may also be subject to referral to The University of Texas at Austin Student Judicial Services office. That office will conduct its own investigation and may take additional punitive actions in accordance with university policies and procedures.

Student Appeals Process

If you have questions regarding your individual circumstances or about penalties for missing interviews, please seek the advice of your program's Career Services Director (Velma Arney - BBA, Jim Franklin - MPA, or Stacey Rudnick - MBA) or appropriate program staff (Renee deLota - MSF Associate Director, Candice Lewis - MSIROM Assistant Director, Scott Good - MSTC Director of Career Development).  If you feel that you have not been treated equitably, you are welcome to appeal any decision to David Platt (BBA), Steve Limberg (MPA), Tina Mabley (Full-Time MBA), Trent Thurman (Evening MBA, Dallas MBA & Houston MBA), John Burrows (Austin Executive MBA), Genaro Gutierrez (Mexico City MBA), Greg Hallman (MSF), or Gary Cadenhead (MSTC).

Unprofessional or Unethical Company Practices

Students who feel they have experienced unprofessional or unethical recruiting practices with a company should notify their program's Career Services Director (Velma Arney - BBA, Jim Franklin - MPA, or Stacey Rudnick - MBA) or appropriate program staff (Renee deLota - MSF Associate Director, Candice Lewis - MSIROM Assistant Director, Scott Good - MSTC Director of Career Development) about the situation immediately so appropriate follow-up action can be taken with that company.

On-Campus Recruiting Eligibility

Participation in Recruiting

  • You must be currently enrolled as a McCombs BBA student
  • You must be in Austin on the designated interview date(s) and able to interview on campus
  • If you are currently interning, you are primarily responsible to that employer and must prioritize outside recruiting activities

Non-Enrolled McCombs BBA Students

If you have an interruption of at least one fall or spring semester in your enrollment at UT Austin, you will lose your "Enrolled Student" status and need to apply for readmission.

Common Reasons for Non-enrollment

  • Study Abroad on a non-UT affiliated program
  • Scholastic dismissal
  • Choosing not to be enrolled for personal reasons


There are various ramifications to not being enrolled as a student at UT, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Will likely delay on-time graduation
  • You will not have access to BBA Career Services, BBA Career Services sponsored events, or On-Campus Interviews. For questions, please contact Morgan Medina.
  • You will not be able to register for courses (until readmitted)
  • May affect insurance
  • May preclude acceptance of scholarships
  • You will be ineligible to apply for scholarships
  • You will be ineligible for financial aid
  • May prevent you from applying for programs
  • You will not be able to apply for graduation that semester (graduation in-absentia may be possible) 
  • You will be ineligible for student services such as: University Health Services, UT Libraries, media equipment check-out, gym access, etc.


Information, deadlines, instructions and the application for readmission can be found at the following website: If you leave the university in good academic standing, you will be readmitted back into the same status. For questions, please contact BBA Programs Office, 512-471-0690.