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Texas BBA | International Programs


Once abroad, it’s time to carry out your plan to enjoy a skill-enhancing experience that employers will respect. Don’t get so carried away that you forget to implement your strategy!

Your Career-Building Adventure

  • Write in your journal, even if you just make quick, bulleted notes. Record feelings and observations. Don’t leave out the depressing or embarrassing parts. The ability to overcome anxiety and frustration is valued by employers, so remember those moments.

  • Seek opportunities to talk to business people in your destination country. These might include a professor from the partner school, a tour leader from a company visit or someone you meet by chance. Ask how you can follow up, visit a facility or interview them for your cultural analysis assignment.

  • Think of the experience as a laboratory experiment. Challenge yourself to confront problems with new solutions.

  • Take an active approach and a leadership position to problem solving rather than relying on friends or being part of a group.

  • Go beyond your group’s cultural assignment. Assess challenges you would encounter working there and evaluate ways to overcome them.