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Business Honors Program

About the Program

TheĀ Business Honors Program (BHP) is both a major and a program. It provides an intellectual challenge for serious and accomplished students and preparation for immediate entry into a challenging business career or graduate studies. BHP students may design a general program of study or concentrate on one of the major programs in business.

BHP core courses are accelerated and modeled after those taught in the MBA program. BHP courses are taught by some of the McCombs School's most experienced faculty. Emphasis is placed on class discussion and presentations, case study analysis, and the research of actual business decisions. Enrollment in BHP classes is restricted to students in the program, and the small class size (generally 30-45 students) facilitates interaction among students and faculty

Business Honors Student Organizations

Sample Business Honors 4-Year Sequence

This is a sample schedule intended for planning purposes only. Please consult with an Academic Advisor for more details on required courses and scheduling.

Courses in bold are prerequisites for later courses.

Freshman Year
Fall Semester Spring Semester
BA 101H* BA 324H
Calculus I (M403K or M408C) Calculus II (M403L or M408D)
RHE 306 Macroeconomics (ECO 304L)
Microeconomics (ECO 304K) Visual Perf. Arts
Psychology/Sociology/Anthropology           Management Information Systems (MIS 301H)
UGS 302/303  
Sophomore Year
Fall Semester Spring Semester
ACC 311H* ACC 312H*
GOV 310L STA 371H*
BA 151H* FIN 357H
Statistics 309H Government (GOV 312L)
Sci & Tech Pt 1               Sci & Tech Pt 1
Junior Year
Fall Semester Spring Semester
MAN 336H** O M 335H
MKT 337H Free Elective
Free Elective English 316K
American History                                       Upper Division Business Elective                            
Sci & Tech Part 2                                       Non-Business Elective
Senior Year
Fall Semester Spring Semester
BA 353H MAN 374H*                   
LEB 323H Free elective
American History Upper Division Business Elective
Upper Division Non-Business Elective Non-Business Elective   
Upper Division Business Elective Upper Division Non-Business Elective

* These courses must be taken within the year and semester it is listed under.

** These courses are only offered in the fall semester.

Student-Submitted Videos About the Business Honors Program

These videos were submitted via the McCombs Next Top Major contest, which pitted student-produced films about all McCombs School majors against each other to voted on by students, family and friends. Watch all of the McCombs Next Top major films here.

<p>McCombs Next Top Major video submission</p>