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Case Competition

In the fall and spring of every year, the Undergraduate Business Council hosts a case competition open to all McCombs students. Case competitions give students the opportunity to showcase their business talents in a week-long competition where they are presented a real-world business problem. Corporate sponsors write each case and judge the competition. In the past, winners of the competition have represented McCombs in larger competitions like the USC Marshall Cup Case Competition and the International Case Competition in Hong Kong. Case prizes for the top three winning teams usually range from $500-$2000. Previous sponsors have included: ConocoPhillips, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Shell, Target and OtherInbox. This program provides students a wonderful opportunity to develop problem-solving skills while gaining exposure to major companies and varying industries.

The 2012 Spring Case Competition will be held in April.

Spring 2013



Next One's On Me, or NOOM, is a local Austin technology start-up whose goal is to use technology to create a product which inspires generosity.  NOOM allows customers to send gifts of coffee, ice cream, or meals to their friends which can be redeemed at any of their participating vendors.  

Topic: What strategy can NOOM use to break into the market of college campuses nationwide?

Competition Results

1st Place: OPrime Advisory
Emile Gerard
Angela Morisette
Ryan Morris
Adam Petras

2nd Place: Spindletop Solutions 
Jeremy Tsui
Jeff Stevens
Matt Kibikas
Kayla Messamore

3rd Place: Nexus Solutions 
John Connell
Parker Kim
Ann Cai
Richard He

Additional Sponsors




 Duff and Phelps









Phillips 66






Fall 2012


Target logo

Target is the second-largest discount retailer in the United States. The company operates in the United States and Canada and online at

Topic: How can Target better utilize technology to innovate its food strategy so its guests think of Target first when it comes to food?

Competition Results

1st Place: Wayne Enterprises
Ryan Crestani 
Doug Daniels 
Jacob VandeVanter 
UZ Zhan

2nd Place: Austin Consulting Group 
Lisa Kao
Kevin Mei 
Adam Petras
Nakul Shah

Additional Sponsors

Sense Corp




BHP Logo


Spring 2012

AT&T Advertising Solutions

AT&T logo

AT&T is the world’s leading provider of IP-based communication services to businesses. AT&T also has the nation’s largest 4G network – covering 275 million people and the largest international coverage of any U.S. wireless carrier, offering the most phones that work in the most countries. AT&T has a wireless, wireline, and advertising solutions segment.

AT&T Advertising Solutions segment sells print, mobile and internet advertising for small to medium sized business across the United States.

Topic: Focusing mainly on AT&T Advertising Solutions, develop a strategy for AT&T to keep the yellow pages product vibrant as long as possible and address competition on the internet side.

Competition Results

1st Place: 
Pranitha Patil
Angela Morisette
Aakash Kumar
Stephen Friedburg

2nd Place: 
Carlos Bencomo
Daniel Amin
Harvey Powers
Seong Yoon

3rd Place:
Stephanie Ham
Ethan Bohbot
Parker Kim
Klevrin Sitohang

Fall 2011



ConocoPhillips, the third-largest U.S. integrated Energy Company, focuses on delivering energy responsibly to the world. The company operates in more than 30 countries, and is the fourth-largest refiner worldwide. ConocoPhillips also is a major producer of petrochemicals and plastics.

Topic: Propose a strategy for the new downstream company to successfully manage the marketing of branded fuels in the United States.

Competition Results

1st Place: Arbitrage Capital Group 
Daniel Amin 
Carlos Bencomo 
Anisha Sutaria 
Seongeun Yoon

2nd Place: Delta 
Rahul Sangal 
Kevin Chiu 
David Casso 
Lee Wang

Additional Sponsors

 Sense Corp






Spring 2011

General Motors

GM Logo Small

General Motors is a global automobile manufacturer. The company operates in over 120 countries and sells its cars under a variety of brand names that include Buick and Chevrolet. With 9.025 million vehicles sold in 2011, General Motors is one of the top automakers in the world.

Topic: Marketing to get young people interested the Chevy Cruz.

Competition Results

1st Place: Engineuity 
Robert Huynh 
Lee Wang 
Constantin Bereznitsky 
Skyler Kanegi

2nd Place: Meridian Solutions 
Alex Hodges 
Luke Fernandez 
Jay Shah 
Satvika Ananth 

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