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Advisory Committee

The Chairman of the UT Department of Finance leads the Fund's Advisory Committee. The board chooses the industry members in the Committee from leading finance professionals. The Advisory Committee advises the investment counselors and students on their investment policies. The Advisory Committee holds two formal meetings each year, one in the spring and one in the fall.

The Advisory Committee Members as of March 2014:

  • Board of Directors

    Dr. Keith C. Brown, CFA, University Distinguished Teaching Professor and Fayez Sarofim Fellow, The University of Texas at Austin

    Mr. Gary T. Crum, President, CFP Foundation

    Dr. Robert Parrino, Lamar Savings Centennial Professor of Finance, The University of Texas at Austin

    Mr. Robert H. Graham, Chairman, AIM Management Group Inc.

    Mr. Ralph B. Thomas, Senior Vice President, Fayez Sarofim & Co.

  • Officers and Staff

    Mr. Sanford J. Leeds, Esq., CFA, President, The MBA Investment Fund, L.L.C.

    Mrs. Juana Hardwick, Secretary, The MBA Investment Fund, L.L.C.

    Ms. Anita Cunningham, Accountant & Office Manager, The MBA Investment Fund, L.L.C.

  • Advisors

    Mr. Brent R. Adams, Managing Principal, Kyle Capital

    Mr. James F. Arens, II, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, The Trust Company of Oklahoma 

    Mr. Paul Ballard, CEO & CIO, Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company

    Mr. Brian T. Bares, President, Bares Capital Management, Inc.

    Mr. Chad Baumler, CFA, CEO & CIO, Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company

    Mr. Michael Brakebill, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System

    Mr. Kenneth M. Burke, Jr., CFA, Principal, Fayes Sarofim & Co. 

    Mr. Prentiss Burt, Managing Director, J.P. Morgan 

    Mr. G. Staley Cates, CFA, President,  Southeastern Asset Management 

    Dr. William Charlton, CFA, Partner, Altius Associates Limited

    Mr. Mark Coffelt, CFA, President and Chief Investments Officer, Empiric Advisors, Inc. 

    Mr. Tim Collins, Director of Capital Markets, GoldenTree Asset Management, L.P.

    Mr. William Diehl, Senior Vice President, UBS Private Wealth Management 

    Mr. Pat Dorsey, CFA, Vice Chairman and Director of Research & Strategy, Dorsey Asset Management

    Mr. Ben Fischer, CFA, NFJ Investment Group

    Mr. J. Philip Ferguson, Esq. Salient Partners, Ascendant Advisors, & Silver Ventures

    Mr. C. T. Fitzpatrick, CFA, CEO & CIO, Vulcan Value Partners

    Mr. Ben Giele, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager, American Century Investments

    Mr. Stuart Gleichenhaus, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting

    Mr. Britt Harris, Chief Investment Officer, Teacher Retirement System of Texas

    Mr. Stephen S. Head, Regional Manager, Barclays Wealth

    Mr. Jim Hille, CFA, CAIA, Chief Investment Officer, Texas Christian University 

    Mr. Robert Holt, Principal, Holt Capital Partners, L.P.

    Mr. J. Luther King, Jr., President, Luther King Capital Management 

    Mr. Mason D. King, Principal and Vice President-Public Equity Research, Luther King Capital Managment

    Mr. Robert Koort, CFA, Managing Director, Chemicals Industry, Global Investment Research, Goldman Sachs & Co.

    Mr. Ed Levy, Executive Vice President, William O’Neil & Company, Inc.

    Mr. William McAdams, President, WJM Capital Management, Inc.

    Mr. Mark E. McMeans, CFA, CPA, CEO, Brasada Capital Management 

    Mr. John D. McStay, Managing Partner, John McStay and Associates 

    Mr. Anmol Mehra, Equity Analyst, Fidelity Management and Research 

    Mr. Stephen P. Moore 

    Mr. Shea B. Morenz, Managing Partner, STRATFOR 

    Mr. Steve Moyer, President, Distressed Debt Alpha

    Mr. Robert C. Mueller, CFA, Sr. Vice President – Investments, Private Wealth Management, UBS Financial Services, Inc.

    Mr. Ray Nixon, Jr., Barrow, Hanley, Mewhinney & Strauss 

    Dr. John W. Peavy, CFA, Chief Investment Strategist, Smith Group Asset Management 

    Ms. Beth Robison, CFA, Managing Director, Hawkins Capital L.P.

    Ms. Laura Rose, Director, D W Partners

    Mr. Gil Scott, CFA, Senior Vice President, Waddell & Reed 

    Mr. Glenn H. Schiffman, Senior Managing Director, Guggenheim Securities, LLC

    Mr. Tushar Shah, CFA, Director of Public Markets, Willett Advisors LLC 

    Mr. Michael Shearn, President, Time Value of Money, L.P. 

    Mr. Jim Sherwin, CFA, Director of Public Equities, Employees Retirement System of Texas

    Mr. Alex C. Smith, CFA, Founder and CEO, Meritage Capital, L.P. 

    Mr.Warren W. Tennant, CFA, Portfolio Manager, Invesco Investment Services, Inc. 

    Mr. John M. Thornton, CFA, Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Stephens Investment Management Group, LLC

    Mr. Vernon D. Torgerson, Jr., CFA, Executive Vice President, Frost National Bank 

    Mr. Tom Tull, CFA, Partner, Goldman, Sachs & Co.

    Mr. Michael Turner, President, Houston Market, Mutual of Omaha Bank 

    Mr. Ted Wang, Partner, Goldman, Sachs & Co. 

    Mr. Brad Warden, Investment Analyst, Waddell & Reed 

    Mr. John H. Watts, Chairman, Fischer Francis Trees & Watts 

    Mr. Bruce Zimmerman, Chief Investment Officer, UTIMCO

  • Faculty Advisors

    Dr. Michael Clement

    Dr. John Griffin

    Dr. Beverly Hadaway

    Dr. Greg Hallman

    Dr. Jay Hartzell

    Dr. Kelly Kamm

    Dr. Shimon Kogan

    Dr. Robert Parrino

    Dr. Ehud I. Ronn

    Dr. Clemens Sialm

    Dr. Laura Starks

    Dr. Sheridan Titman

The Fund's Directors, Advisors and Student Portfolio Managers assist the fund on an uncompensated basis. No management fee is assessed to the investors by the Fund. However, operating and administrative costs associated with the Fund are charged to the Fund's investors.