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Hurricane Party

What they do : Forecast is the latest app from Hurricane Party, inc. Formed in May of 2010 in Austin, Tx, Hurricane Party was one of only five companies selected from a pool of several hundred for Capital Factory's prestigious seed accelerator. At SXSW 2011 we launched our other app, Hurricane Party, which you can download here.

How we helped : Texas Venture Labs’ primary focus was to aid marketing. Associates evaluated several marketing strategies including Internet and in-app advertising, “Greek community sponsorship,” and other on-campus opportunities. The group conceived and organized a fraternity party sponsorship with free photo booth, which helped sign up nearly 100 new users. An “Ambassador Program,” also developed by the team, has been the largest driver for new users.

The latest: Hurricane Party raised $95,000 during its time in TVL and is forging ahead in its mission. It has retained Josh Jones Dillworth as its PR agency and is focusing its energy on refining its application and preparing for a nationwide launch at SXSW 2011.

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