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Hrvst is an Austin -based technology company developing an online platform to help investors better understand their overall portfolio while guiding them to better long-term investment decisions.  The business is built on community, transparency and simplicity, three traits that have been absent from the financial services industry.  Today, over half of American households that invest turn to financial advisors to navigate the increasingly complex investment world.  The lack of transparency from current performance measurement tools will keep these individuals from fully recognizing the eroding effect of high fees and poor diversification. Hrvst aggregates an individual’s various investment accounts into a single location providing the user with a holistic view of their investments.  Through a simple and intuitive interface, Hrvst will show the user how their portfolio performance and allocation compares to that of like investors allowing them to gain insight into other strategies and more easily rebalance or fill allocation gaps with lower cost options.  This will help the average mass affluent investor save up to 75% in fees while also better positioning the portfolio for long-term growth.