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Televero Health (formerly Waldo Health)

Company overview:  Televero Health (formerly Waldo Health) is aggressively developing solutions to the problem of home based chronic disease management for the millions of mostly elderly people who suffer from chronic diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension and Congestive Heart Failure.  The company’s initial product, the Waldo Health System, is intuitive and fun to use yet is based on serious and proven medical concepts.

How TVL helped:  The TVL deal team largely focused on redefining Waldo’s branding and marketing strategy.  The team conducted this and other work to aid the company in preparation for raising a B-round of financing.  Additionally, the TVL students completely redesigned the company’s website by enhancing the user interface and developing new content to reflect the company’s new branding identity. 

The Latest: While participating in the TVL accelerator, TVL students helped Waldo Health create materials for their fundraising round.  Students worked closely with investors to make a new pitch deck, executive summary, and landing page for potential investors.

For more information, visit Televero's website: