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Student Spotlight

MPA Student Diana Charrier Has the Spirit!

When you work as hard as our students do, taking some time to let loose is a must. MPA student Diana Charrier not only found a terrific way to unwind, she took it to a whole other level.

Diana plans on joining EY’s assurance team upon graduating in May 2014. Little do they know that in addition to a skilled accountant, they’ll also be gaining a world-class Ultimate Frisbee player. Diana’s parents, uncle and brother all played Ultimate throughout college, making her a second generation Ultimate athlete. Growing up, Diana would join her father at pick-up games and play with friends at the park; upon entering college, she joined the University of Texas’ club team, Melee. Three years ago, she decided to step it up and pursue Ultimate further by joining the state of Texas’ elite club team, Showdown.

Ultimate Frisbee is a high endurance team sport with competitors racing from one end of the field to another. It is played on the same type of field as soccer and the goal of the game is to pass the Frisbee to a teammate in the opposing end zone to score points. One of the main attractions of the game is its focus on self-officiating, referred to by players as the Spirit of the Game. When the Spirit is upheld, it not only helps the game run properly, but also creates a competitive and respectful environment. It is this aspect, and the tendency for friendships to develop amongst competitors, that hooked Diana on the sport.

Attending the nation’s #1 graduate accounting program is a notable accomplishment; Diana added another noteworthy achievement to her life’s résumé this year when she and the rest of the USA team won the WFDF 2013 World Under-23 Women’s Ultimate Championship. The team was composed of 22 women from across the country, including fellow UT student, Sharon Tsao. 19 countries attended the Worlds Tournament and the winning game came down to nail-biter where the US beat Japan 16-14.