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Accounting Research Colloquium

The Accounting Research Colloquium invites peers from around the world to read their works and discuss their papers in a supportive environment. The series highlights some of the freshest voices in accounting research around the globe.

Spring 2016

Date Speaker                     
University Paper
03/25/2015 Mark Nelson
Cornell University
Auditor Adjustment Decisions and Assessments of Management Bias for Estimates Related to Investments
04/01/2016 Phillip Lamoreaux
Arizona State University
Regulatory Bias – Preliminary Evidence from PCAOB Inspection Findings
04/15/2016 Hollis Skaife
UC Davis
Strategic R&D Classification and the R&D Tax Credit
04/22/2016 Alan Webb
University of Waterloo
The Effects of Tangible Rewards Versus Cash Rewards in Consecutive Sales Tournaments: A Field Experiment
04/29/2016 Jane Jollineau
University of San Diego
Are Judgments about Auditor Liability Influenced by Perceptions of Audit Committee Expertise and Independence?
05/06/2016 Jeffrey Hoopes
The Ohio State University
IRS Attention

Fall 2015

Date Speaker                     
University Paper
09/04/2015 Jieying Zhang
The University of Texas at Dallas
Do Client Characteristics Really Drive the Big N Audit Quality Effect?
09/11/2015 Sarah McVay
University of Washington
10/02/2015 Korok Ray
The George Washington University
10/23/2015 Brad Badertscher
University of Notre Dame
10/30/2015 Eddy Cardinaels
Tilberg University
11/20/2015 Sudarshan Jayaraman
University of Rochester

Spring 2015

Date Speaker                     
University Paper
01/23/2015 Wayne Landsman
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Procyclical Leverage: Bank Regulation or Fair Value Accounting?
03/27/2015 Steve Glover
Brigham Young University
Mind the Gap: Factors Contributing to Purported Deficiencies in Auditing Complex Estimates Beyond Auditor Performance
04/17/2015 Panos Pataoukas
University of California, Berkeley
Coming Soon
05/01/2015 Mei Feng
University of Pittsburgh
Coming Soon
05/08/2015 Luke Watson
University of Florida
Coming Soon

Spring 2014

Date Speaker University Paper
01/21/2014 Liz Carson
University of South Wales
The Impact of Other Component Auditors on the Costs and Quality of Multinational Groups
02/28/2014 Robert Knechel
University of Florida
Auditor-Client Compatibility and Audit Firm Selection
02/28/2014 Eric so
Earnings Announcement Premia: The Role of Asymmetric Liquidity Provision
04/04/2014 Guojin Gong
Penn State
Supply Chain Lending and Accounting Conservatism
05/02/2014 Willie Choi
University of Pittsburgh Coming Soon
05/23/2014 Chris Armstrong
Wharton School of Business
Coming Soon
06/06/2014 Alfred Wagenhofer Institute of Accounting and Control
Coming Soon

Spring 2013

Date Speaker University Paper
3/29/2013 Ed Maydew The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
4/12/2013 Linda McDaniel University of Kentucky forthcoming
4/26/2013 Michael Willenborg University of Connecticut
5/10/2013 Ivan Marinovic Stanford University
5/31/2013 Frank Hodge University of Washington forthcoming

Fall 2012 Accounting Research Workshops

Date Speaker University Paper
9/14/2012 Haresh Sapra The University of Chicago
Agency Conflicts, Prudential Regulation, and Marking to Market
10/05/2012 Petro Lisowsky University of Illinois at Urbana-­Champaign forthcoming
10/19/2012 Jasmijn Bol Tulane University
Auditor Tacit Knowledge and Audit Firm Human Capital Development
10/26/2012 Feng Li University of Michigan Managers' Self-Serving Attribution Bias and Corporate Financial Policies
11/09/2012 Brian Paul Miller Indiana University Auditor Dismissals After Accounting Restatements

Spring 2012 Accounting Research Workshops

Date Speaker University Paper
1/13/2012 Robert Gox University of Fribourg Say on Pay Design, Executive Pay, and Board Dependence
1/20/2012 Laura Wang The University of Texas at Austin forthcoming
1/25/2012 Brian White University of Illinois at Urbana-­Champaign Estimate-related Disclosures, Investor Mindset and the Illusion of
Precision in Financial Statement Estimates
1/26/2012 James Smith The University of Texas at Austin Can Investors Fully Adjust for Known Biases in Manager Communications?
2/17/2012 Jim Wahlen Pricing and Mispricing in the Cross-Section
3/2/2012 Kathryn Kadous Goizueta Business School- Emory University forthcoming
4/6/2012 Karla Johnstone University of Wisconsin forthcoming
4/10/2012 Lisa Koonce The University of Texas at Austin  "Evaluating Firms’ Benchmark Behavior Over Time: The Counting Heurisic”
Brownbag Workshop