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MSF - Master of Science in Finance | Meet MSF

Find out who we are

Program Staff

Find out who we are and what we do.

Greg Hallman

Greg Hallman is the Program Director for the MSF Program.  Using his years of experience as a financial analyst, consultant, researcher, and senior lecturer, Dr. Hallman works to see that the MSF curriculum encompasses the breadth and depth of knowledge that students need to be successful. As the instructor for the first class that MSF students take, Dr. Hallman lays the foundation for the financial knowledge MSF students acquire over the following semesters. In addition, he works extensively with potential employers to increase awareness of the value that MSF graduates add to their firms and to ensure that the skill set our students acquire meets the most up-to-date needs of the industry.

Renée de Lota

Renée de Lota is the Career Services Advisor for the MSF program, and her involvement with students begins as soon as they are admitted to the program, as she begins preparing them for their eventual career search. Renée works throughout the year to assist students with their job search, incorporating a wide variety of training activities including workshops, career panels, and networking opportunities. Simultaneously, Renee works steadfastly to establish and maintain valuable relationships with the employers that recruit and hire MSF students.

Lainey Hoffman

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Lainey Hoffman holds a Bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University and Master’s degree from Northern Arizona University. Initially a recruiter for the hospitality industry, Lainey has over eight years of experience in collegiate career services, including a director position with Vatterott College, and as a graduate level career course instructor for Colorado Technical University. As a senior advisor with Le Cordon Bleu Colleges, Lainey’s clients included Hilton, Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Disney, and Food Network. She is also heavily involved with community organizations, and has served as Chair of the Tourism Advisory Board and as a Planning and Zoning Commissioner for the City of Cedar Park.

Class of 2013

Meet some members of our inaugural class.

Find out what the Class of 2013 has to say about the Texas MSF.

Barron Steele

Undergraduate Institution: California Lutheran University

Undergraduate Major: Spanish

Thoughts on the MSF: Coming from a liberal arts background, I saw the MSF degree as a great opportunity to make the transition from well-rounded student to marketable employee. I was never in doubt that the McCombs brand and curriculum would make it worth my while, and I can honestly say that the program has exceeded my expectations. I've never been in such a challenging, yet supportive academic atmosphere; the faculty members go out of their way to facilitate learning and career advancement.

Ian Chen

Undergraduate Institution: Xiamen University, China

Undergraduate Major: Financial Management

Thoughts on the MSF: Aspiring to make the world my classroom, I followed my intellectual curiosity to Scotland and the Netherlands during my undergraduate studies at Xiamen University. The world of finance has no bounds, I discovered, so I resolved to pursue graduate study in the United States at the McCombs School of Business, which boasts a world-class faculty and brings together an internationally diverse student body.

Jarvis Uzoije

Undergraduate Institution:  University of South Alabama

Undergraduate Major: Finance

Thoughts on the MSF: The MSF degree from the McCombs School of Business gives students a unique opportunity to hone their financial analytical skills. Not only does the program offer students an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of Finance, but it also gives students a chance to network with many of the school’s prominent on-campus recruiters. With an amazing job placement record, fantastic career service advisors, and world class faculty, choosing to be a part of the McCombs School of Business MSF program is a simple choice.

Purva Panchal

Undergraduate Institution: UT San Antonio

Undergraduate Major: Middle Grades Math Education

Thoughts on the MSF:  After teaching for a few years, I decided to put my love of mathematics and problem solving to an alternative use by choosing to pursue an MSF degree from the McCombs School of Business. I know my decision will open the door to a world of opportunities at top companies and provide me a variety of career paths to choose from. My newly acquired knowledge and skill-set coupled with the reputation of McCombs will lead me to a promising career in finance.

Russell Brockett

Undergraduate Institution: Claremont McKenna College

Undergraduate Majors: Psychology and Government

Thoughts on the MSF:  The Master of Science in Finance program at McCombs combines the intimacy of a small sized graduate program alongside the ample resources of a world-renowned research university.  Not only do we have a close-knit student body and access to top-notch faculty with diverse finance backgrounds, but we also utilize the giant alumni network and state-of-the-art facilities that few other universities can offer.  Despite being a new program, the educational quality of McCombs and the finance department have been documented in rankings for years.  Therefore it was an easy decision to choose the MSF program at the University of Texas to further my career goals.

Simeon Bochev

Undergraduate Institution: UT Austin

Undergraduate Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Thoughts on the MSF:  I applied to the Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program at The University of Texas at
Austin in order to acquire the specialized financial quantitative competence necessary to excel as a strategy consultant with a top firm. Specifically, the curriculum of the MSF program provides me with the opportunity to apply my financial analysis skills through a practicum that will enable me to provide targeted client investment objectives, value creation strategies and business valuation decisions, which are all essential knowledge for a strategy consultant.

Wendy Wu

Undergraduate Institution: Nanjing Normal University

Undergraduate Major: Accounting

Thoughts on the MSF:  I am totally impressed with the quality of education provided by the MSF program in terms of world-renowned faculty members, research and professional experiences, and the special attention and care we get from every member within the program. I believe having a Master of Science in Finance from UT will open the door to limitless opportunities for me.

William Donnell

Undergraduate Institution:  Rhodes College

Undergraduate Major:  Business

Thoughts on the MSF: I applied for the MSF degree because I knew that I wanted to study and work in finance. The fact that I'm in and out within a year is great. It's been intense, but the quality of the education has exceeded my expectations. I really feel like the professors and staff are looking out for me. After going to a small liberal arts school for undergrad, this was also a great opportunity for me to become a Longhorn (like the rest of my family).

Aparna Bellur

Undergraduate Institution:  Trinity University

 Undergraduate Major:  Marketing