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Texas MSTC | Admissions

Common Questions

Program Information

  • What are the Program objectives?
    The ability to commercialize new technology rapidly is essential for competitive advantage in the global economy. To achieve desired results in their organizations, decision makers must have access to concepts, tools and knowledge for commercialization. The mission of the Texas MSTC Program is to combine cutting edge technology, entrepreneurship and education to bridge the gap between ideas and needs in the marketplace resulting in the creation of new, innovative ventures and products. 
  • What degree is conferred?
    A Master of Science in Technology Commercialization is conferred by the University of Texas at Austin upon successful completion of the Program.
  • Is the Program accredited?
    The Program is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
    (AACSB). AACSB is one of six regional accrediting associations in the United States.
  • How many credits are in the Program?
    The one-year MSTC Program begins the end of April/early May of each year and consists of ten three-credit courses delivered over three consecutive semesters.  Each term all students are automatically enrolled in each course.
  • Can course work from other universities be transferred into the Program?
    We do not accept transfer credits. The Program utilizes a cohort model - each class starts together and stays together throughout the 12-month program. All students are automatically enrolled in all ten courses and no electives are required.


  • How is computer technology utilized in the Program?
    Students are expected to be quite comfortable with basic software as well as navigating the Internet. The McCombs School of Business, where classes are held, is a high-tech facility allowing for video-conferences and electronic networking. A basic computer configuration for use in the Program is recommended.
  • How is an MSTC degree different from an MBA?
    The MSTC degree integrates key business fundamentals with technology and its influence on the creation of prosperity. The focus of the Program is on the knowledge base and skill set needed to get technology into the market as quickly as possible. The degree hones general management and leadership skills, but the Program is focused on science and technology commercialization, technology assessment, technology transfer, technology enterprises and entrepreneurship.


  • How much time should I expect to spend outside of class time?
    As one might expect, attempting to complete 30 graduate hours in one year is an intensive experience. Typical MSTC students spend several hours per day and most weekends dedicated to their studies. 

Admissions Process

  • Is the application required to be submitted online?
  • Can the application fee be waived?
    No. The Graduate and International Admissions Center requires an application fee to be paid for each application submitted.
  • When does the Program begin and when should I apply?
    The MSTC Program begins the end of April/early May, and students graduate the following May. We are currently accepting applications for the Class of 2015. Please visit the Admissions page for more details.
  • How can I check the status of my application? 
    All applications to the Texas MSTC Program undergo a two-part process. The Graduate and International Admissions Center (GIAC) handles the processing of your transcripts, test scores and visa/permanent residence information (if applicable). The MSTC Admissions Committee conducts the application review and administers a decision. 

    Check the status of these items to see if they have been received. If any of these items are shown as outstanding or not received, your application decision will be delayed.  If you are missing anything, please review the How to Apply page for instructions.


  • What are the requirements for applying?
    Please view the admissions criteria on the Admissions page.


  • What score should I aim to achieve on the GMAT/GRE?
    While UT has no minimum score, the GMAT/GRE are an extremely important component of each application.  Candidates should address this application component aggressively.  You may take the exam(s) as often as you wish.  UT will only consider your highest score, we do not average test scores.  The MSTC Admissions committee likes to see an average of 600 on the GMAT and an average of 155 verbal & 155 quantitative (after 2011) or total of 1200 (before 2011) on the GRE.

    Please keep in mind that the test score is just one item in the application process.  The MSTC Admissions Committee reviews all elements of the application. The resume, statement of purpose, letters of recommendations, achievements, work experience, and entrepreneurial spirit are just as important as the standardized test scores.
  • Can I apply without full-time work experience?
    Yes. Although most MSTC students have at least 10 years of work experience, a small percentage of students with little to no work experience will be accepted.


Tuition & Financial Aid

  • Is financial Aid available to students in the Program?
    Yes.  At least two-thirds of all MSTC students receive some form of financial aid, whether from the federal government or a private lending institution.

    Domestic and permanent U.S. residents may apply for federal loans by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You will need to authorize The University of Texas at Austin to receive your FAFSA information by entering the following Title IV School Code: 003658.

  • Are scholarships or grants available?

    Full-time University of Texas employees may be eligible to apply for the George Kozmetsky Memorial Scholarship.

  • Is the cost less for attending the Program online? 

    No. The cost of taking the Program online is the same as taking it in Austin.

  • Am I eligible to use GI Bill or Hazlewood Act in this Program? 
    Since the Program does not receive state funding, Hazelwood Act benefits do not apply, however students may be eligible for the MSTC Military Waiver in place of the Hazelwood Act. Beginning in May, 2012, the MSTC Military Waiver will not cover the cost of books. Students can NOT receive the MSTC Military Waiver AND the GI Bill.

    The Post-911 GI Bill will only cover the tuition. Fees for housing, food, books, etc. are not included. The amount is based off of a percentage of eligibility of service.

    Veterans may choose to use their GI Bill for tuition purposes. Visit the Registrar's Office, Veteran's Service Website for more information or contact their office at (512) 475-7540 for details.

After Graduation

  • What types of careers are available after graduation?
    Careers available vary widely. Rather than directing a student towards one specific career option, a graduate will be better prepared to work in any process of an organization as a result of the Program. Examples include: technology transfer, business development, commercialization planning, intellectual property management, business planning, technology assessment and product development. Graduates will also be equipped to start their own ventures more intelligently.

    Most of our graduates work in entrepreneurial ventures, in large corporations in product development, and as technology transfer specialists in research universities and federal labs. Our graduates work in various technology based companies that populate Austin, for example, some 15% of our graduates work at IBM and Dell.
  • What kind of salary can I expect with this degree?
    Based on our alumni surveys, the salary ranges vary significantly from about $75,000 to over $150,000. Over 90% of the alumni reported a significant increase in the satisfaction with their current positions as a result of the program.