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Student Organizations | CTBAC
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    CTBAC was created to represent students on tuition and budget issues

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    by being a source of information and the voice of students to the McCombs administration.


The McCombs CTBAC was created following the passage of S.R. 1002 in the Senate of College councils. There is a parallel CTBAC in all 16 of the colleges/schools at the University.

The purpose of CTBACs is to advise college/school administrators on budgetary decisions within their particular college/school. Furthermore, CTBACs will bridge the divide between students and administrators as each college responds to the state-mandated, university-wide 5-percent budget cut announced in fall 2009 for the 2011-2012 buget cycle, and the 10-percent cut announced this summer for the 2012-2013 cycle. Additionally, CTBACs will educate students and the university community about the budgeting process and inform administrators about the students' thoughts and opinions regarding their specific college/school's budget. 

In McCombs, CTBAC fulfills its purpose by conducting surveys and interviews of students, faculty, and staff to find the common priorities which should be met by the tuition and budget decisions made by the administration. View our documents page to learn more about the work that McCombs CTBAC has done.