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Resume Collections (RC)

During the academic year, you can post job descriptions in our On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) system and invite qualified students to submit their resume for consideration.  While on-campus interviews are the norm for on-campus recruiting activities, resume collections can be the preferred approach under certain circumstances.  If your recruiting time frames are short or if coming to campus for interviews is not possible, the Resume Collection (RC) approach is a great alternative.  Other employers will use the RC option to explore the candidate pool for a particular role.

  • Resume Collections (RC) can remain active in our system for up to 60 days.
  • Resumes are made available to the recruiter in a variety of ways (i.e., collected online in the system, emailed, or submitted per other specified action).
  • For best results with collecting resumes, McCombs Recruitment Services should receive your Resume Collection (RC) Job Posting (Create Resume Collection (RC) Job Posting in our On-Campus Recruiting System) request at least two weeks prior to the date you plan to collect all resumes.
  • If the candidate pool proves to be robust, we can convert a Resume Collection to an on-campus interview schedule at a later point in the recruiting process (subject to interview room availability).