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Overview: On-Campus Recruiting Checklist

Whether you are new to campus recruiting at the McCombs School of Business or a McCombs veteran, we are here to assist you with every aspect of your recruiting efforts.  Please navigate the following tabs to begin your recruitment process.

Recruiting Strategies

For more information on recruiting at McCombs, please visit the following links:

On-Campus Interviews (OCI)

Schedule On-Campus Interviews

Create On-Campus Interview (OCI) Schedule

  • Login to OCR. Under the SHORTCUTS section, click “Request On-Campus Interview (OCI) Schedule." Fill out the schedule request, position details and submit.

Interview Schedules

Manage Your Interview(s)

  • Please make note of all schedule deadline dates on your calendar.
  • Monitor resume submissions through our On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) systems.  Contact your recruitment account manager (RAM) to discuss best practices for resume submissions.
  • Make interview selections in OCR by the “Employer Select End Date.”
  • Once students sign up for interview slots, check the interview schedule for any gaps.  If you need to make schedule adjustments, reach out to your RAM before the schedule closes.

Plan Your Campus Visit

  • Review McCombs School of Business directions and maps for your upcoming visit.
  • Review final interview schedules in OCR.  Printed copies of your schedules and student resumes will be provided upon your arrival to campus.
  • After conducting interviews, we encourage communicating the outcome to all students who interviewed.

Resume Collections (RC)

We realize that on-campus interviews are not always an option.  Choosing the Resume Collection (RC) option is a great approach under certain circumstances (e.g., your recruiting time frames are short or you are not able to come to campus to conduct an interview).  Please visit the Resume Collection section of our website, for a more in-depth review of this process.

Create Your Resume Collection

  • Login to our On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) systems.  Under the SHORTCUTS section, click "Create Resume Collection (RC) Job Posting."  Fill out the position information and submit.
  • Check the position expiration date. The duration of the posting, should be no longer than two months from the start of the posting date.
  • Monitor resume submissions in OCR.  For best submission results, contact your recruitment account manager (RAM).
  • Notify your RAM about the candidate follow up plan.
  • Once the RC posting expires, please follow up with your candidates.

Evening Employer Events: Information Sessions and Night Priors

Schedule Evening Event

Coordinate Catering

Promote Your Event

Plan Your Campus Visit

  • Review McCombs School of Business directions and maps for your upcoming campus visit.
  • Check Information Session and/or Night Prior RSVP list.
  • After the event, to follow up on attendance, contact your RAM to receive a copy of the attendance list.

Forms: If you have questions regarding any forms or if you need a copy, please contact your recruitment account manager (RAM).

Program Specific Events

There are a number of opportunities for you to get involved with program-specific recruiting events. Please visit the links below to find involvement opportunities that meets your employment needs.


Career Fairs