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Strengthening our Engagement with Society

Panelists at the UT Energy ForumThe world’s most prominent business schools confront important human challenges. Faculty and student scholars at the McCombs School have the expertise and intellectual capital to work toward solving some of society’s most perplexing issues.

Energy Sufficiency and Sustainability

Now more than ever, we need new business strategies and technology solutions to meet the demand for reliable energy resources.

McCombs is uniquely situated to serve as a catalyst for energy-related research and teaching. Home to a vibrant community of student and faculty scholars dedicated to energy issues, McCombs boasts an array of college centers, academic departments, and student groups focused on energy. 

The Energy Management and Innovation Center (EMIC) is a pillar of this mission. Through EMIC, McCombs will develop the cutting-edge knowledge needed by leaders to more effectively manage energy resources, successfully commercialize innovative technologies and shape future policy.

Your support will help McCombs create the intellectual capital needed by industry leaders and policy-makers in order to construct a secure energy future.

Innovation and Creativity

The McCombs School is well-positioned to play a major role in teaching and understanding the processes that drive innovation and creativity. Our relationship with the university and the venture community in Austin is one of our competitive advantages.

For decades, innovation and entrepreneurship have been a dominant and consistent focus of our research and teaching efforts. McCombs hosts one of the most influential programs in this area, the Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship.

A key initiative in this mission is Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs, a university-based consultation and recommendation resource that promotes new venture creation while providing real-world experience for students.

Your support will create a legacy that delivers strong, viable companies into the Texas economy.

Page last updated: 6/5/2014