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Texas MBA | Full-Time Program

Innovation Leadership

Innovation is becoming ever more critical to organizational growth and competitiveness. The Concentration in Innovation Leadership focuses on topics related to innovating by and within existing organizations. The courses required for the concentration will equip students with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives necessary to effectively lead innovation in increasingly dynamic, competitive, and resource-constrained business environments. The concentration is made up of courses designed for those interested in holding leadership positions in, or consulting to, existing organizations. Students interested in starting their own companies may find the Concentration in Entrepreneurship to be more suited to their needs. However, given that innovation leadership cuts across sizes and types of organizations as well as across functions, students could consider pairing the Concentration in Innovation Leadership with an interdisciplinary concentration in Entrepreneurship, Global Business, or Social Enterprise, or with a functional concentration in Accounting, Finance, IROM, or Marketing.

Curriculum Requirements

A minimum of two courses from the following:

  • MAN 385 - Leading Innovation and Change
  • MAN 385 - Technology Strategy
  • MAN 385 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship

A maximum of three additional courses from the following:

  • MKT 382 - Creativity and Leadership
  • MKT 382 - Customer Insights
  • MKT 382 - Marketing High-Tech Products
  • MKT 382 - Strategic Marketing 
  • MIS 382 - Managing Complexity
  • MIS 381 -  Information and Knowledge Management
  • LEB 380 - Intellectual Property
  • OM 386 - Managing Projects

Additional courses may be approved on a course-by-course bases.

Total credit hours: 15

Faculty Contact: Violina Rindova

Experiential Opportunities

Hands-on experiences complement, extend and continually refine classroom curriculum. Texas MBAs have an array of opportunities to experience hands-on learning, some of which are listed below:

Student Organizations

Student organizations open the doors to relationships, leadership development, professional growth, increased understanding and just plain fun. Below are some student organizations you may wish to consider while tailoring your Texas MBA experience.

Possible Career Paths

  • Business Analyst
  • Corporate Strategist
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Human Capital Consultant
  • Management Consultant
  • Project/Program Manager
  • Product Development Manager
  • Product Management

For more information on career opportunities, visit our Career Management web page.