MBA | Houston

Texas MBA at Houston Program

Located in Fast Company's 2011 City of the Year, the Texas MBA at Houston program is designed for rising managers and seasoned professionals who seek a flexible path to an MBA that allows them to continue working throughout their study.

If leading in your industry requires managerial, analytical, and quantitative skills, the Texas MBA at Houston program will help you build a portfolio of knowledge and expertise. You will get the best preparation available, a reputable University of Texas degree, and an alumni network that will travel anywhere. You will spend your class time learning from the same faculty experts who teach in our full-time MBA program, and you will take what you've learned back to your job and see immediate improvements. Our students have diverse backgrounds and work experience because we seek diverse individuals to create a collaborative, well-rounded class.

The Texas MBA at Houston program is ideal for students who value the quality of the experience over simply adding a credential to their resume, providing an unmatched experience that pushes you beyond your current limitations.

Page last updated: 7/29/2014