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MPA | Prospective Students


  • What is the ECON-MPA admissions and enrollment process?

    1. In early April, UT economics majors make initial application to the program. ECON-MPA admission is for the summer semester only, and the applicant must complete at least 90 undergraduate hours before the summer of admission.

    2. In mid April, the MPA committee selects a group from the initial pool. The nominations and essays, resumes, and recommendation letters of the nominees will be forwarded to the Graduate School for final selection.

    3. In mid May, the Graduate School notifies those students who are accepted into the program.

    4. In the second summer session, participants enroll in ACC 381 (graduate course) and attend MPA orientation .

    5. In subsequent semesters, participants enroll in up to 9 hours of additional graduate accounting courses along with their undergraduate courses.

    6. In the final semester of the B.A. degree, participants complete the final courses required for their undergraduate degree and apply for graduate standing. Once participants reach the 12-hour graduate coursework cap, they will not be allowed to complete additional graduate-level courses until they complete their B.A. degree and obtain graduate standing.

    7. In the following semesters, if the participants are in good standing and meet the same standards of satisfactory performance that are required of all MPA degree candidates, they may continue taking graduate accounting coursework pursuant to completion of an MPA degree.

  • I'm a senior by hours. Can I still apply to the ECON-MPA?

    Yes, you can apply to the program with senior standing as long as you will not graduate with your undergraduate degree until the August following admission to the ECON-MPA. If you plan to graduate with your undergraduate degree prior to the summer semester of admission to the ECON-MPA, you should apply for direct entrance into the traditional MPA program. Information about this process can be found on the traditional MPA website. Please contact Keri Ledezma with any questions.

  • I do not meet the GPA requirements due to a past bad semester(s)/extenuating circumstances, but I am very interested in the ECON-MPA, and my recent scholastic performance is good. Can I still apply?

    Due to the competitive nature of the ECON-MPA admissions, your chances for admission would be greatly reduced by not meeting or exceeding the minimum GPA requirements. The purpose of the ECON-MPA (via the Graduate Select Admission Program) is to encourage academically exceptional UT undergraduate economics students to remain at The University of Texas at Austin for the MPA degree. If your GPA does not meet the minimal requirements, we recommend that you raise your GPA while you complete your bachelor's degree and apply to the traditional MPA.

  • Is there a way to apply online?

    There currently is no online application available. However, a downloadable application is available. Applications and supporting materials must be turned in to the MPA Program Office, McCombs School of Business, GSB 4.112C or mailed to the address listed on the application.

  • Can I obtain a recommendation from a lecturer or graduate student (who was employed as an assistant instructor or teaching assistant) or my internship supervisor?

    No. The recommendation letters must come from tenure-track faculty or senior lecturers at The University of Texas at Austin. This is a Graduate School requirement that cannot be waived.

  • What is involved in changing from undergraduate to graduate standing?

    In the final semester of their B.A. degree, ECON-MPA participants initiate a change in status from undergraduate to graduate standing by completing a one-page Graduate Select Admissions form, which is provided by the Graduate School at the time of admission to the ECON-MPA. The completed application is submitted to the Graduate and International Admissions Center (GIAC). Form deadlines will conform to graduate application deadlines set by GIAC, which are typically one month prior to the start of full-time graduate studies. Through the Graduate Select Admission Program, no application fee, transcript fee, or standardized test score requirement is associated with acquiring graduate standing in the ECON-MPA.

  • Does gaining admission to the ECON-MPA assure admission to the MPA program?

    As long as you meet the same standards of satisfactory performance that are required of all MPA degree candidates, you can continue in the MPA program. Be advised that even though ECON-MPA participants are accepted into the Graduate School Select Admission Program, they are not guaranteed automatic admission to graduate school. All participants must maintain the outstanding academic record that they have established as they progress through the rest of their bachelor's degree program. Participants may be denied admission to graduate school upon completion of their bachelor's degree if their academic record falls below the standards set by the MPA program or the Office of Graduate Studies. In the spring of their senior year, ECON-MPA participants initiate a change in status from undergraduate to graduate standing by completing a form provided by the Graduate School. After completing the B.A. degree and acquiring graduate standing, students may continue their graduate MPA coursework. To receive the MPA degree, an ECON-MPA participant must satisfy all MPA degree and program requirements.

  • I am currently enrolled in one of the courses listed as required to meet the eligibility requirements. Can I still apply even though I do not have a final grade in this course yet? 

    Ideally, applicants should have completed all required courses at the time of application. However, if you are enrolled in one of the upper-division courses at the time of application (such as ECO 320L) and you have already completed the other upper-division economics courses (ECO 420K, ECO 329) prior to application, you can still apply for nomination to the ECON-MPA.

  • Will I have access to the McCombs Career Services as soon as I am admitted to the ECON-MPA?

    ECON-MPA participants will have access to certain MPA resources including, but not limited to, academic and career advisory services, career workshops, and the MPA career fair.

 If you have additional questions not addressed here, please contact Keri Ledezma.