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MSF - Master of Science in Finance | Admissions

Early Admission for UT Students

Graduate Select Admissions:  Apply Early for your MSF

Graduate Select Admissions is a program at the University of Texas at Austin designed to encourage outstanding undergraduates to stay in Austin for graduate study. Through the program, well-qualified applicants can, in their junior year of study, reserve a place in the MSF class following graduation. Benefits of the program include: 

  • Waiver of the application and transcript fees associated with UT Austin graduate school admission
  • Waiver of the GRE or GMAT score requirement
  • Guaranteed tuition and fee waiver awarded at the time of admission

Qualified applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum 3.5 GPA for all UT coursework
  • A minimum 3.5 GPA for all coursework in their major field of study
  • Completion of M 408C and M 408D or their equivalents
  • Completion of the Economics and Statistics prerequisites for the MSF program

Interested applicants should contact Katie Stephens to set up an appointment to review the admissions process and receive the application.