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Tech Support

Computer Services offers a variety of support for McCombs students, faculty and staff. This page provides some general information about our support providers.

Technical Support for Faculty & Staff

Hours: M-F, 8-5
Location: CBA 1.324
Contact:, 232-6617

Who We Are

Paul Bartel, Luis Cardenas, Dipto Chaudhuri, Thomas Jung and David Newsom are the user support staff for the McCombs School of Business. Our mission is to provide hardware, software and network support for the computers used by faculty and staff of the McCombs School of Business.We install and upgrade computers and peripherals.

  • We install and maintain physical connections to the various networks throughout the college.
  • We troubleshoot computer hardware problems and physical network problems.
  • We repair or replace faulty computer devices and components or provide assistance in seeking repair outside the college.
  • We provide advice on the purchase of new computer hardware.
  • We troubleshoot problems with operating systems and applications.

Please note that we will provide computer advice to faculty and staff whenever possible, but we can only perform work on computer equipment that is owned by the University of Texas.

Technical Support for Students

SWAT (Students With Advanced Technology) Shop

Hours: M–F 8:00am–5:00pm when classes are in session
Location: CBA 1.324
Contact:, 232-6616

About: The trained student staff of the SWAT Shop provide support services for McCombs students with notebook computers.

The SWAT Shop CAN:

  • Diagnose hardware and software problems
  • Repair or replace failed hardware components for program notebooks
  • Reconfigure software or reinstall the software image for program notebooks
  • Update drivers and service packs
  • Lend out computers or components as needed to students while their computers are being repaired


  • Back up your files. ONLY YOU are responsible for your files
  • Lend Hot Swaps for forgotten or lost computers
  • Sell components or software

Page last updated: 4/15/2014