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    Media Services Information

Media Services Information

Staff Directory

Business Hours

Equipment Checkout GSB 3.132 Mon-Fri  7:45 a.m.-6:15 p.m.
Media Support GSB 3.132 Mon-Thurs  7:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m. (Support limited after 6:15pm)  Fri  7:30am-6:15pm
Media Lab UTC 1.110 Mon-Fri  8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Graphic Services UTC 1.110 Mon-Fri  8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Engineering UTC 1.128 Mon-Fri  8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.


Media Support

Staff Member Title Office Email Phone
Doug LaValliere Doug LaValliere Support Manager GSB 3.132 Doug 232-6675
Brett O'Conner Office Assistant
GSB 3.132 Brett 232-6678
Billy Myers Billy Myers Support Specialist GSB 3.132 Billy 232-6714
Mona Gonzales Mona Gonzales Senior Office Assistant GSB 3.132 Mona 232-6679
Nell Watkins Special Events Coordinator
GSB 3.132 Nell 232-6677

Media Lab

Staff Member Title Office Email Phone
Kyle Rosenblad Kyle Rosenblad Senior Systems Administrator UTC 1.110 Kyle 232-6680
Conrad Solis Conrad Solis Media Specialist UTC 1.110 Conrad 232-6681
Graham Kunze Graham Kunze Systems Administrator UTC 1.110 Graham 232-6682
Sergio Samayoa Lab Manager UTC 1.110 Sergio 232-6709

Graphic Services

Staff Member Title Office Email Phone
Dale Allen Dale Allen Computer Illustrator UTC 1.110 Dale 232-6672
April Wright Computer Illustrator UTC 1.110 April 232-6659


Staff Member Title Office Email Phone
Jorg Becker Jörg Becker Director UTC 1.128 Jörg 232-6666
Phil Boggan Phil Boggan Technical Staff Associate UTC 1.128 Phil 232-6667
Chris Zozaski Media Technician UTC 1.128 Chris 232-6674
Dave Hobday Dave Hobday Machinist UTC 1.128 Dave 232-6671
Tom Densford Tom Densford Jr. Media Technician UTC 1.128 Tom 232-6668
Doug Bickford Data Communications Specialist UTC 1.128 Doug 232-6600
Hamid Zahedivash Hamid Zahedivash Media Technician UTC 1.128 Hamid 232-6660

News and Updates


Engineering & Video Conferencing
All four of the GSB cohort rooms have been completed and they now have full video conferencing and lecture capture (MediaSite). This will enable programs like the MSTC to expand, new ones to be developed, and current MBA classes to take advantage of lecture capture or inviting guest speakers through video conferencing.

The MPA program is upgrading their conference room to have video conferencing capabilities. This will allow them to visit with companies while cutting down on travel expenses.

Work on the classroom in the AT&T Executive Conference Center is progressing. We will start our equipment install later in February; wires were pulled this month. Release date is March 1st.

iPad and a Reminder
About 80% of our classrooms are now iPad2 compatible and the rest will be enabled during the semester.
As a reminder, the iPad2 can mirror whatever is on its’ screen on the projector. The iPad1 can only display presentations and pictures on the projector (without installing third party software.)


Media Support
We are awaiting the implementation of Bevo Bucks as a Media Support payment method.

Media Lab
The Communications Office now has a dedicated display on the 3rd floor of the GSB where they can display a schedule of ongoing and upcoming events.

Engineering & Video Conferencing
The upgrades have begun on the last two cohort rooms to be fully functional video conferencing rooms, with the additional ability to do lecture capture. After their January completion, all 4 cohort rooms will have the ability to do distance learning, remote collaboration or lecture capture. Both video conferencing and lecture capture need to be scheduled with Media Support to ensure connectivity and proper location for the files on the servers.
Extron has worked diligently on our iPad display issue from a few months ago. We had poor display (ripping in upper quadrant) when combined with a NEC projector over CAT5 Ethernet cable.


Media Support
Beginning next semester we will not accept cash at the counter any longer, you can either pay with Bevo Bucks or check, departments will still be able to use accounts for purchases and invoices.

Video Conferencing
The Video Conferencing Infrastructure Planning Committee (VCISC) has been accepted by the AIC (Architecture and Infrastructure Committee) as an official UT entity, this does not give us additional funds, but it puts video conferencing officially on the map. Our hope is to change this cooperative into a UT-owned service over the next several years so that the funding will come from UT instead of the four colleges that own the system at this time.

Next week we will be mounting a new info board on the 3rd floor in the GSB. This will be managed by the Communications department to share special event schedules and perhaps some news with the public.


Media Support
As the use of Macintosh laptops has dramatically increased so has the request for VGA dongles for classroom use. We now offer mini display port dongles for Mac and display port adapters for newer PCs for checkout at Media Support.


Tip of the Month
iPad external display capabilities:
The iPad 1 can only externally display from its video player, photo viewer or presentation software on a projector or external monitor.
The iPad 2 can externally mirror its own screen, in addition to displaying from its video player, photo viewer or presentation software on a projector or external monitor.

Video Conferencing
The Ford Career Center is up and running and with its two rooms we now have an installed base of 7 fixed video conferencing facilities and two more coming before 2012.

Both Barco projectors in the FTTC had leaks in their cooling systems, which caused them to shut off after they ran out of fluid. We used our electronic, mechanical and plumbing skills to fix both projectors. In both cases the cooling blocks had been drilled out too far by the manufacturer, causing the tiny leaks and running the systems dry over time.

We will be updating the HD Video switching in the classroom in the coming weeks, as technology has finally caught up with what we tried to accomplish when we renovated the FTTC last time. This will allow for higher reliability and flexibility in the system.

A faculty member had difficulties with his iPad not displaying correctly in our rooms. After testing we concluded that most rooms displayed the iPad correctly but some had a jitter in the top section of the video. We analyzed the issue and determined that an Extron transmitter seemed to be causing the issue. I contacted Extron and they are currently trying to replicate and address the issue.


Media Lab
Testing Mac OS Lion on two of the Media Lab machines; we will deploy the new OS throughout the lab if all mandatory software works flawlessly.

MSTC moved back into GSB 3.106 with the new system and had an event free first class.
CIBER now has their own information screen in their reception area.

The Trading Center classroom received new tables; we used the opportunity to install a ceiling microphone system instead of using individual microphones on the student tables. Since the new system is “intelligent”, we will have less feedback issues, a major improvement for this facility.
MSTC held its weeklong class in the FTTC this week.


Media Support
Media Support will begin selling Solid Footing scan sheets soon.

GSB 3.130 is in operation, MSTC had their first class in it and it went well. GSB 3.106 is completed as well. GSB 3.104 and 3.138 will also become distance-learning rooms which will give us 4 completed distance learning facilities by Spring 2012. All 4 rooms will also function as lecture capture rooms. If a room is scheduled for lecture capture it will start the capture automatically and the faculty member can pause and resume it at will from the touch panel.

Video Conferencing
The Ford Career Center Interview Suites will receive their own dedicated video conferencing systems in the near future.


GSB 3.130 is completed; we are now running tests with different users to see how the user interface works and if there are any hidden bugs. July 1st looks still looks like the completion date, the first MSTC class will be held on July 15th in that room and we will then update GSB 3.106

Video Conferencing
MSTC classes have been very successful. The School of Engineering is looking into using our rooms for their classes as well; this idea is currently with the dean’s office for approval.


The GSB videoconference integration is well on its way. GSB 3.130 will be in production for its first class on July 1st .

Video Conferencing
MSTC started the new class on our new Cisco/Tandberg system.


Media Support
Thanks to the upgrade of the VOIP system to a dedicated network we can now use VOIP (Voice Over IP) from any classroom and conference room, this makes ad hoc requests a lot easier to manage.

The screen in the MSB Conference room has been fixed. The GVE (Global Viewer Enterprise) server is now being deployed. GVE is a software server environment that lets us monitor classroom performance and troubles from any computer, so checking lamp hours or resolving an issue with the lights can quickly be analyzed from the office (or an iPhone). Over Spring break GSB 3.130 was partially installed, we will complete the installation in the beginning of May and upgrade GSB 3.106 then as well. Both rooms will receive a new control system, which includes Lecture Capture with the ability to pause/resume a recording and Video Conferencing build in. The camera controls were re-written too, to make the cameras work smoother.

Near Future

  • iTunes U - UT has just about finalized the contract with Apple to be on iTunes U, something that we have been hoping for, for many years. This allows us to use Apple's service to serve unprotected content, enabling us to reach a broader audience, have a professional look, and save on local server space.
  • lecture Capture - Several schools together with CTL (Center for Teaching and Learning) are working with UT system and SonicFoundry to negotiate an enterprise agreement, which would provide great savings for each of the participating schools, and significant savings for UT. As a bonus for us are enterprise support, Podcast, Vodcast and Blackboard integration thrown in. Lastly we would receive a developer kit, for customization.
  • Security - In collaboration with UTPD, ITS and the Dean's Office Engineering is currently designing a camera and restricted access system for the McCombs School buildings. The planned outcome should be that all exterior doors of the Business School will lock automatically at 10:30 PM or 11:00 PM (TBD), and only the main south entrance will be open with a card reader. All doors will allow egress but not re-entry. Cameras will activate when there is motion on the egress doors to record individuals who may jam doors open, or let unauthorized subject into the area. The images will only be available to UTPD in case of an incident. This system will provide the students and staff who work late with added security.
  • General Purpose Classrooms - Engineering has been approached by UT to upgrade the McCombs general-purpose classrooms with built-in computers. Several design ideas are being considered and we will see what will work for our rooms. The timeline has not been decided, but our assumption would be some time in 2012.


Hint of the month
The Video Conference unit in the MSB Conference Room has no off button. The unit will shut down on its own after about 3 minutes of inactivity, or not having a connection.

Media Support
Projector-out VGA ports have been installed in the walls of CBA 4.324 and 4.322, which will allow us to quickly connect our portable MediaSite units for synchronous and asynchronous eLearning.

Media Lab
We are working on the complete overhaul of our Media Services website to match the new McCombs theme. This will allow us to quickly edit and post new content, resulting in timelier web updates.

The MSB Conference Room has been further updated and as a result the second camera is operational, the cabinet wiring has been cleaned up and the wiring for the touch panel has been completed. This room is now fully operational.

Near Future
We are working towards the implementation of video conferencing in GSB 3.130 for the MSTC class.


Hint of the month
When connecting a laptop to a classroom system, make sure that the very last connection you make is the video cable into the computer. If the computer uses a dongle, which all Macs and some PCs do, plugging the dongle into the laptop should be the last connection you make. This will trigger the auto-detect and your chance of getting a correct picture is far greater. In addition, some PCs do not rescan the port when they awake from sleep so in that case a restart may alleviate the problem.

Media Support 
20 new laptops have been added to checkout. In addition to the fixed GSB 3.106 and GSB 3.130 lecture capture systems, we now have a (staffed) portable system and faculty can request lecture capture recording in any room. We will start in March with BA324 as a regular portable system customer. Based on demand we will automate more rooms to self-service lecture capture. We are exploring the incorporation of media players into the classroom lecterns, so that videos can be played from digital media without having to bring a laptop.

Media Lab/Graphic Services
Recently the GSB building lost all power, but the cohort rooms have their own independent transformer and therefore the Venture Creation class recording went on without a hitch; many did not realize that the whole building was dead until they stepped out for a break.

The network hook-up for CBA 6.420 has been completed, so the table is fully connected for network use. The programming of the new control system for GSB 3.106 and 3.130 has begun and both rooms will receive an advanced control system. GSB 3.130 will become fully video conferencing capable, a carbon copy of GSB 3.106. This will allow the MSTC courses to expand their offerings, while at the same time open the distance-learning world to additional MBA and Exec. Ed. classes. The new system will also include end-user control for lecture capture so they may start, pause and stop recordings.

Near Future
We will be equipping a new classroom in the AT&T Conference Center. Executive Education will receive their own classroom in addition of utilizing the conference centers rooms.

Media Services Policies

Media Support

Equipment checkout policy for students

  • A student must be a business major (undergrad) or be in the Graduate School of Business in the current semester to be eligible for equipment checkout.
  • Upon pickup of equipment the student is required to present a valid student ID and sign a policy agreement. This agreement is valid until the student discontinues taking any business courses. It is the responsibility of the student to ask about changes in fees and/or other regulations.
  • Some equipment (computer laptops, computer projectors) requires a yearly insurance fee of $5.00 when checked out overnight. This fee has to be paid before equipment may be picked up.
  • The student takes full responsibility (see paragraph below) for the equipment and its accessories until it is returned to Media Services.
  • The student is required to sign a checkout agreement upon pickup. The return time and date on the receipt are binding for the student, failure to return equipment on time will result in an overdue fee.
  • There is a limit of two nights and three days per week that any item may be checked out, and the item will be due by 4:00 p.m. on the third day. The weekend policy requires that a checkout can be from Thursday until Monday at 4:00 p.m. OR Friday until Tuesday at 4:00 p.m.. Upon returning an item after a weekend checkout (Thursday to Monday) you would be eligible for one more night checkout of the new week however one full day must pass before you can reserve or checkout the same type of equipment. (Example: If you return a digital camera on Monday (that you had since Thursday) you would have to wait until Wednesday to check out or make a reservation for another digital camera, for your one remaining night of that week).

Late Fees

Late fees will be assessed for equipment not returned at the time and date shown on the checkout receipt. Failure to respond promptly to a late equipment notice may result in a loss of privileges.
Fees are as follows and are assessed per item:

  • Regular Items (cables, tripods, microphones) have a $1 late fee per day
  • Laptop Computers have a $5 fee per hour late fee when returning the same day, or $35 per day starting the next business day
  • LCD Projectors or panels have a $5 fee per hour late fee when returning the same day, or $35 per day starting the next business day
  • Camcorders, Digital cameras, etc. have a $1 fee per hour late fee when returning the same day, or $5 per day starting the next business day

Late Fee Calculation

  • Equipment returned 15 minutes after the time specified on an agreement will begin to incur late fees. Equipment that is not returned before closing of due date will start incurring daily late fees.
  • If equipment is returned late on two separate occasions in the same semester the student will be barred from further checkout of media equipment for a period of time equal to one full semester. Failure to respond to a late notice within 24 hours may also result in a loss of privileges.

Insurance Fee

  • Laptops and computer projectors checked out overnight require a one time (per academic year) insurance payment of $5. Once the payment has been made it covers all equipment eligible for insurance coverage against loss or theft for the entire academic year ending on the last day of class of the second summer session. A new payment has to be made for all eligible checkouts made on or after September 1st.

Damaged Equipment

  • Equipment returned defective or malfunctioning will be repaired at no charge to the student if there is no evidence of accidental or deliberate misuse.
  • Accidental damage to equipment like dropping, falling, using wrong power supplies or media without the intent to damage the equipment will be repaired by Media Services or outside agencies. The costs for these repairs are the responsibility of the customer as follows. There is an assessment charge of $18.00 for every repair. If the equipment can be repaired within 1 hour without spare parts, no additional costs will occur. Any other repair will be billed at an $18.00 per hour rate plus material and parts up to the lower of $418.00 or 40% of the actual repair cost.

Media Lab

Media Lab Policies

  • The MSB Media Lab is for McCombs business students, staff and faculty ONLY. A non-business student may enter the lab, but a business student with a valid ID must be present at all times for a group to use the lab facilities.
  • The Media Lab Proctors are available to answer your questions but they may or may not be able to assist you, depending on their work duties and knowledge. Please understand that they are not there to tutor you, only to assist you if you run into difficulties with the operation of the software or equipment. Questions specific to your project should be addressed to your instructors and TA's.
  • The Media Lab is for McCombs-related projects only. No personal projects please.
  • Computer Validation of your UT ID will be performed upon arrival to ensure that you are a current McCombs business student.
  • The Media Lab computers are regularly cleaned of student projects over two weeks old. If you have a project that needs to remain on a computer longer than two weeks, please contact a lab supervisor. The Media Lab does not accept responsibility for your project data.
  • The Media Lab closes promptly at 5:00 p.m.. (Unless extended hours are in effect) Please plan your workflow accordingly. Do not start a project that will continue beyond 5:00 p.m. without prior approval of a lab supervisor.
  • Absolutely no food or beverages are allowed in the computer environments.
  • The lab is on a first-come, first-served basis. Appointments are available.
  • There is a limit of two people working on a project at one time.
  • If you have a cell phone, turn the ringer down while in the lab. If you must use your phone, take it outside the lab.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, or if you leave your station for more than 15 minutes without approval from a lab assistant or supervisor, it may be reassigned.
  • Media Lab Printing Policy (faculty and staff customers only, students must print at the Millennium Lab): All print projects need to be approved by media staff personnel and are by appointment only. Minimum turn-around time is 24 hours.
  • You can only use one machine at a time without prior approval from a lab assistant or supervisor.
  • Illegal copying of software or other media will result in a loss of privileges. Copying copyrighted video, audio, and print media without the permission of the copyright owner is illegal. Lab customers are liable for the use of copyrighted material within your projects.
  • The University's Computer Usage Policy states that the recipient of an account on any University computer is the sole person authorized to log onto that account. Do not allow others to log onto your account for any reason. Do not give your password to anyone else, even people you trust. If you suspect that someone may have discovered or guessed your password, you must change it immediately. You will also be held responsible for any destructive or illegal activity done by someone to whom you gave access.
  • If you have suggestions, complaints, or special questions the lab attendants are unable to answer, please contact the Media Lab Supervisors. There is always one on duty.

Graphic Services

Graphic Services Policies

  • Please allow for three working days or more, depending on the complexity of the project.
  • All projects are on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, It is not wise to wait until the day before your deadline to submit a request.


Lecture Capture


McCombs Media Services has implemented lecture capture capabilities into several of our classrooms, and it is also available as a portable set-up for most rooms.

The debate over lecture capture has been going on for quite some time now and there are essentially two camps; one seeing it as an added value for their classes, and the other as a negative influence on student participation.

The College of Liberal Arts has been running a multi-year pilot program with system testing and research over the last few years, polling students and faculty and publishing those results on their website. The College of Liberal Arts used the Echo360 system for testing which is similar to the McCombs' Mediasite system but Mediasite has the additional ability to live-stream content if needed.

Lecture capture records the audio, video and computer presentations of a class for students to view later on demand. Access is generally restricted to students who are enrolled in the class, but it can also be made available to other groups or the general public based on the decision of the instructor. Presentations can either be shared through secure streaming, password protection, or in any other manner the faculty would like, including iTunesU.

Advantages of Using Lecture Capture

  • Students can review class material at any time, less need to take notes
  • Better classroom participation
  • Improved test results
  • Being able to view missed class

Concerns of Using Lecture Capture

  • Students will not attend class
  • Students do not learn to take notes effectively
  • McCombs content is made available outside the school

Creative Uses of Lecture Capture

  • Students may review their in-class presentations
  • Professors may review presentations later for grading purposes
  • If the same course is taught again, students can preview a previous semester's class and use their lecture time for discussion and questions
  • Prepare for tests by going back to difficult subjects



The mission of Media Services is to provide audiovisual support to faculty, students and staff in the Graduate School of Business (GSB) and the College of Business Administration (CBA) in order to increase teaching effectiveness through the application of appropriate technology.


The Media Services office will support all faculty members who are holding classes within the business complex (GSB, CBA and University Teaching Center (UTC)) as well as business school students with all their media needs. The office will provide access to specialized equipment to create presentation and classroom material, and supply professional support in creating such material. We will introduce new technology to the school as needed in order to ensure availability to the same type of technology used in the business world.


The main office of Media Services is located on the third floor of the Graduate School of Business building (GSB 3.132) and the media lab is located on the first floor first floor of the University Teaching Center (UTC 1.110).


  • Media Support is located in GSB 3.132 and it handles checkout and classroom support.
  • The Media Lab is located in UTC 1.110 and it offers a fully equipped computer lab with an emphasis on video, graphics and publication work.
  • Graphic Services is located in UTC 1.110 and is available to McCombs offices and organizations.


Our goal is to guarantee the shortest possible interruption of lectures by having knowledgeable staff on duty at all times. These professionals will assist faculty and students to the fullest of their capabilities. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy the customer's needs in any way possible, and if this goal cannot be accomplished, to refer them to another source which can satisfy their needs. All positions require a maximum amount of patience and friendliness.

Requests from customers for services, which are not supported by this office, need always be brought to the attention of a supervisor so they can consider the implementation of such services in future plans.


Our customers can be divided into four categories:

  1. We provide full service for business faculty for any class held in the business complex during our office hours. Business faculty can check out any of our equipment for a determined period of time. Certain kinds of equipment are allowed to leave campus for short periods (see Checkout Equipment)
  2. McCombs staff can check out our equipment for a determined period of time, and certain kinds of equipment are allowed to leave campus for short periods (see Checkout Equipment)
  3. All students currently enrolled in the business school can reserve equipment for their classes and checkout any of our equipment for a determined period of time. Certain kinds of equipment are allowed to leave campus for short periods (see Checkout Equipment)
  4. All other UT staff and all UT students can reserve equipment for classes held within the business complex, though there is a limited supply of equipment for checkout available to them (see Checkout Equipment)


Most classrooms in the McCombs School of Business complex are equipped with self-service multimedia technology, which includes computer projection. A complete list of these classrooms and their features is available on the Classroom Technology page.

Hours of Operation

Media Support
Checkout: Mon–Fri 7:45 a.m. - 6:15 p.m.
Classroom Support: Mon-Thurs 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Fri 7:30 a.m. - 6:15 p.m., except on official university holidays.
Classroom support is provided until 9:00 p.m., and technicians are on call during these extended hours.

8:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except on official university holidays.


Classroom support
Media Services will provide computers and projection equipment to any classroom in the Business Complex for the duration of the class session. The equipment needs to be reserved two business days in advance to guarantee delivery; late requests might result in self-service. All computers contain the standard business school licensed application and operating system image (COE). Individual software packages may be installed on these machines if proof of ownership or licensing can be provided. Installation will have to be performed by one of our IT professionals prior to the class. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours lead time. We will not be responsible for loss, damage, or theft of documents or other software left on disks built into these computers. Media Services will provide video players and projection equipment to any classroom in the Business Complex for the duration of the class session. The equipment needs to be reserved two business days in advance to guarantee delivery; late requests might result in self-service. Most built in video projection facilities allow for close captioning for the hearing impaired, but please request this service in advance.

Media Services has a variety of media equipment for use within the business complex. We deliver all equipment for standard setups to the rooms. For more elaborate setups we might require a TA from that class to perform the setup due to time constraints on our side. Classes in equipment usage are provided through our office by appointment. Please contact Media Support for individual training.

Reservations for equipment can be made starting two weeks before the end of the previous semester. We confirm all reservations within one workday, either by e–mail, fax or phone. Requests can be made:

Submitting an equipment reservation does not guarantee availability until a confirmation is received.

In case of equipment failure Media Services will try to remedy the problem as quickly as possible. If the problem cannot be resolved we will try to supply the customer, to the best of our abilities, with backup or alternate equipment. Failure to provide a satisfactory result and the consequences caused by such failure are not the responsibility of this office or its affiliates. The customer is responsible for having adequate backup procedures at hand if the equipment fails.

Checkout support
Media Services has a variety of equipment available for checkout to MSB faculty and students. A list is available at Checkout Equipment. These items can be checked out, with some exceptions, for a period of three days. Their purpose is to provide the customer with tools to create projects or presentations for their course work. Checkout is free, and only business faculty and students enrolled in business courses are eligible for this service. Certain kinds of equipment need to be insured and there is a late charge for overdue returns (see Media Support)

Laptop computers are available for checkout. Checkout period is limited to 72 hours per week. These computers may be used for presentations off campus and in other buildings on campus. The computers use the Windows 7 operating system and the Business School Common Operating Environment (COE) which includes MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Access and MS-Outlook.

We have a variety of portable computer projection equipment which may be checked out by itself or in conjunction with a laptop computer. Checkout period is limited to 72 hours per week. These projectors may be used for presentations off campus and in other buildings on campus. Customers are responsible for ensuring that the projection equipment is compatible with their computer before they go to the presentation and ensure that they know how to switch resolution and activate the external video port on the computer.

Digital camcorders are available, as well as accessories like tripods and microphones. These may be checked out for the duration of three days for taping interviews, events or any other business school related projects.

Digital still cameras and web cams may be checked out for the duration of three days for business school related projects.

Audio Equipment
Microphones, portable PA’s and portable CD players may be checked out for three days. All related accessories are available through us on a checkout basis.

There is a multitude of other equipment available (see a complete listing on our web site at Checkout Equipment). All equipment is available for business school related events.

Other Services

All services are available to business faculty, students and staff. Most services require a nominal charge for time and materials. Allow enough time to complete your order; depending on workload the times mentioned below may not be possible. We charge extra for rush orders. All orders are handled on a first come, first served basis. The following services provided abide by copyright law, trademark, trade secret, and unfair competition law. Permission must be obtained for all intellectual property covered by copyright law.

A complete listing of our services and fees can be found on the media services price lists tab of Services and Support.

Video and audio duplication is available to MSB faculty, students and staff. Turn-around time is usually 24 hours. For orders larger than three copies, please allow more time. All video dubbing is done in real time, no high speed video dubbing is available.

Video format translation is available to and from most international video standards. Please inquire at Media Support about your particular requirement.

The Media Lab, with its digital video-editing stations, is available to MSB faculty, students and staff. Professional support staff will assist and instruct you as needed. Reservation of these facilities is required.
Video editing as a service is also available for a fee.  

Graphic Services
The Graphic Services office offers fee-based creation of departmental periodicals, brochures, pamphlets, temporary signs, posters, ad layout, and nametags.

Special events

We provide support service for special events within the business school complex. There is a charge for this service if a technician is required to maintain the equipment during the event. We will the set equipment up, instruct the user in its operation, and take it down.

After-hours and weekend events will be charged for the duration of the event, plus 30-minute setup and strike time. Events lasting beyond 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday will only be charged the period after 5:00 p.m. plus 30 min. strike time.

A complete listing of our services and fees can be found on the media services price lists tab of Services and Support.

We have professional event specialists on staff, which will assist you with the planning of your media needs. For special request beyond our capabilities we may contact outside service providers. We will assist in arranging all of your media needs and assure that all needed equipment is made available to you at the required time and place. Planning sessions for your events are free of charge when they occur during our normal business hours.

A video and audio recording service is available for a nominal charge. Reservations need to be made in advance and are subject to availability. If needed, we may hire additional camera or mixing board operators at a fixed rate. We also provide training classes free of charge for TAs, faculty and staff in the operation of this type of equipment.

A complete listing of our services and fees can be found here

Office Policies

The customer will be treated with courtesy and respect. Before a customer leaves, an employee will ensure that all questions have been answered. All requests will be taken seriously and met to our best ability. If a request does not fall within the normal operating parameters and a customer is unsatisfied with the availability of a service, a supervisor will be contacted. If satisfactory service cannot be provided the supervisor will decide if we can provide alternatives to the requested service. In case of a dispute or complaint, an immediate supervisor will be contacted and if this does not resolve the conflict, the department head shall be called.

All services will be provided to the best of our abilities to the customer’s specifications. Unsatisfactory services will always be brought to a supervisor’s attention.

Classroom deliveries are to be on time and completed before the class goes into session. A setup is not to be left until everything is turned on and working satisfactory. If equipment fails at the time of delivery a technician is to be called immediately and arrangements for backup equipment will be made in case the problem is not fixable in five minutes or less. After the technician informs the office that the equipment is out of service the backup equipment will be delivered immediately. If repair or replacement of equipment exceeds a duration of ten minutes, the faculty member must confirm that a replacement is needed, or if possible they can hold the lecture with alternative teaching aids.

All other services need a written request (work order). The performing employee will consult with the customer about details of the service requested as needed. Work orders need to be filled out completely before a service is performed; the customer is to be informed about the cost before a request is accepted. All services are subject to a final inspection by the customer before payment is made, the customer will make no payment until the order is completed. The final product will only leave our office after a payment has been received or an arrangement to pay through an account has been made and signed.

No sales are to be made without a receipt. In case of account sales all receipts need to be signed by the purchaser. All items are to be sold through an authorized seller only.

Media Services Policies
Media Services has a listing of their policies available on the Media Services Policies tab of the Media Services Information page.

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