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    Meet the Web Team

Meet the Team

Hey, everybody! We're the webteam, here to make sure the site keeps on doing its good work. Click on the pictures below to learn a little bit more about us.

Jennifer Chance

Webteam Manager

Job Description: I coordinate and oversee the Web team and all its many projects. I manage our support efforts and stay plugged in to the McCombs community to determine evolving requirements. I love collaboration and work to make our customers’ efforts more efficient and effective. I have nine years of software development experience, though my claim to fame is probably my time at NASA.

Outside of Work: I love working and playing on my small farm, where I raise several kinds of fowl and rabbits. I’m looking forward to adding goats soon!

Web Tip for the People: Set goals, plan strategy, execute, measure and repeat!

Mark Foster

Technology Coordinator

Job Description: I evaluate, train, and implement new technologies for the McCombs School of Business faculty and staff. All the while using in depth analytics as a key performance indicator.

Outside of Work: I have an insatiable wanderlust.

Web Tip for the People: When in doubt, form the question you have about the web as a question you would ask someone. Then google it. "How do I 'anything' web related," Google won't steer you wrong.

Robert Williams

Lead Web Developer

Job Description: I develop the Sitecore add-ons that allow our users to make their webpages consistent, useful, and aesthetically pleasing.

Outside of work: I spend most of my free-time trying to expand my knowledge of our world and society.

Todd Rinker

Web Designer

Job Description: I make the internet pretty.

Outside of Work: I’m more boring than watching paint dry. I also have part of my tongue missing from biting it so much.

Web Tip for the People: Content is King, but design is the beautiful Queen everyone looks at. They are also not the same thing. Design is separate from content. Content informs the design. It isn’t the design.