Energy Finance


Develop your understanding of the energy markets, and how to model and forecast energy and forward/future prices. Learn the different derivative products and learn how to apply them in the energy markets.


Develop an understanding of how to model and forecast energy and forward/futures prices by placing energy markets in the context of global financial markets. This class focuses on energy-related derivatives and different derivative products and how to apply them. You will leave with an understanding of energy markets and how to measure and manage the financial risks created by volatile energy prices.

This class provides participants with an in-depth understanding of energy finance by addressing three areas within an energy context: pricing, asset valuation, and risk management. The class places energy markets in the context of global financial markets, and analyzing their subsequent reactions.

  • Value-at-risk in the energy industry
  • Structuring derivative products in energy markets
  • Volatility and correlation
  • Introduction to options
  • Forward/futures prices and swap prices
  • The current state of equity and commodity markets
  • Understand international financial markets
  • Measure the uncertainty of equity, credit and commodity markets
  • Use financial models to analyze and forecast energy prices and volatility
  • Understand the risk of and return from futures and options contracts on energy commodities
  • Apply option and valuation techniques to the energy markets
  • Understand and use derivative products to mitigate energy price risk
  • Utilize real options theory to value energy assets
  • Use information from futures/option prices to determine optimal production decisions and timing for extraction

Ehud Ronn, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Finance

Course Details

Price: $1,395.00

Energy Finance


10/23/15 -

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

The Houstonian Hotel 111 North Post Oak Lane Houston, TX 77024

Ehud Ronn