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Two MSITM students stand and talk

Meet Our Finance Students

Finance students learn from real-world cases and study analysis, forecasting, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our students are in different stages of their careers, and many companies succeed in recruiting for entry-level and senior roles. To learn more, please contact our office.

What financial skills do McCombs students learn?

Finance students at McCombs study in-demand skills that address today’s business challenges:

  • Valuation
  • Modeling
  • Financial Accounting
  • Statistical Model
  • Investment Theory
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Portfolio Analysis

What entry-level roles do your students look for?

Here are examples of entry-level roles (requiring 0-1 year of experience) our students get hired for:

  • Analyst
  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Associate
  • Consultant

What mid-level roles do your students look for?

Here are examples of mid-level roles (requiring 2-5 years of experience) our students get hired for:

  • Investment Banking Associate
  • Senior Financial Analyst
  • Senior Consultant
  • Associate Finance Manager
  • FP&A Associate

What senior-level roles do your students look for?

Here are examples of senior-level roles (requiring 5-14 years of experience) our students get hired for:

  • Senior Financial Analyst
  • FP&A Manager
  • Associate Finance Manager
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Business Development

What programs should I target for recruiting?

For entry-level roles, we recommend recruiting from the BBA, MPA, and MSF programs.

For mid-level roles, we recommend the MBA, MPA, and MSF programs.

For senior-level roles, we recommend the MBA programs, including our Executive and Working Professional MBAs.

Our Students are Prepared to Shape the Industry

In programs throughout the school, our students are studying with researchers to shape the industry and make an impact.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Our BBA in finance is one of the country’s top-ranked programs, and 45% of our undergraduate students major in finance. Students learn analytical skills, forecasting and budgeting, return and risk assessment and the science behind money management at both large and small scales.

Master of Science in Finance

Our STEM-certified MSF program offers a unique intersection of finance theory and technical, quantitative aptitude.

The program is designed by industry experts and taught by world-renowned faculty. Our students graduate with in-demand financial modeling skills and the foundation necessary to work in the finance industry.

MSF students participate in the Practicum, which is an intensive program that spans the last half of the fall semester and the first half of the spring semester. Students work directly with sponsoring companies on a wide variety of finance problems.

This supports students understanding of corporate opportunities and provides smooth transitions post-graduation into a variety of financial careers.

Master of Business Administration in Finance

MBA students can choose a finance concentration, and almost 29% of our MBA students work in finance after graduation.

Outside of the classroom, students may participate in the MBA Investment Fund, LLC; Real Estate Investment Trust; Venture Fellows; or the Graduate Finance Association.

These experiences provide real-world scenarios and investment opportunities that students learn from to be successful in corporate roles post-graduation.

Do you want to recruit talented, career-ready students? Let’s talk.