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Marketing camp attendee presents to class

Meet Our Marketing and Consumer Products Students

Texas McCombs offers an undergraduate marketing and graduate marketing concentration to ensure students gain a strong understanding of customer focus, brand awareness, importance of data and gain insights into market conversion into a digital world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our students are in different stages of their careers, and many companies succeed in recruiting for entry-level and senior roles. To learn more, please contact our office.

What marketing skills do McCombs students learn?

Students at McCombs study in-demand skills that address today’s business challenges:

  • Programming & Statistics
  • Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Pricing & Positioning
  • Consumer Behavior & Preferences
  • Market Segmentation
  • Experimental Design
  • Strategic Decision-Making
  • Product Differentiation
  • Distribution Channels
  • Go-to-Market Strategy

What entry-level roles do your students look for?

Here are examples of entry-level roles (requiring 0-1 year of experience) our students get hired for:

  • Analyst
  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Territory Sales Manager
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Marketing Analyst / Specialist
  • SEM Specialist

What mid-level roles do your students look for?

Here are examples of mid-level roles (requiring 2-5 years of experience) our students get hired for:

  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • eCommerce Analyst
  • Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • Brand Manager / Associate Brand Manager

What senior-level roles do your students look for?

Here are examples of senior-level roles (requiring 5-14 years of experience) our students get hired for:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Senior Consumer Analyst
  • Brand Manager
  • Director of Marketing

What programs should I target for recruiting?

For entry-level roles, we recommend recruiting from the BBA and MSM programs.

For mid-level roles, we recommend the MSM and MBA programs.

For senior-level roles, we recommend the MBA programs, including our Executive and Working Professional MBAs.

Our Students are Prepared to Shape the Industry

In programs throughout the school, our students are studying with researchers to shape the industry and make an impact.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Our top-ranked BBA in Marketing prepares students to succeed in fast-paced marketing environments. Marketing students study how the data gathered about individuals and consumers is changing how goods and services are presented to the public.

Master of Science in Marketing

Our MSM program is a pivotal degree that transforms students' existing critical thinking skills into applied analytical training. As a program grounded in marketing analytics, we prepare our students for a marketing career in a new economy – a world where data, decisions, and action are intertwined.

Our students graduate equipped with the qualitative and quantitative marketing skills necessary to transform data, gather insights, and develop meaningful business solutions.

Master of Business Administration in Marketing

The MBA concentration in marketing is flexibly designed to appeal to a variety of career aspirations. The popular functional area launches 26% of Texas MBAs to employment in the field every year.

Outside the classroom, the Center for Customer Insights and Marketing Solutions Marketing Fellows program, and the Graduate Marketing Network enables strong industry interaction.

Do you want to recruit talented, career-ready students? Let’s talk.