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Black Graduate Business Association

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Welcome to the Black Graduate Business Association!

This is the home of the African-American community at the McCombs School of Business MBA program. Since its foundation in 1985, the Black Graduate Business Association has been integral in creating an environment where the African-American student population can thrive, both personally and professionally. Black Graduate Business Association members represent a variety of academic concentrations, political, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds.  Member business interests range from the public to the private sector, entrepreneurship, and national and international markets in various areas of the business world. 

BGBA Member Spotlight

Meet a few of our current Black Graduate Business Association members!  We give our opinion on McCombs, our experiences, and our progression through business school.  Click on a photo to find out more.

Brian A.M. Williams


Hometown: Erie, PA
Pre-MBA Job: Industrial Engineer 
Undergrad Institution: Purdue University
Undergrad Major: Industrial Engineering
MBA Concentration: Finance
Favorite Class: Strategic Management 
Favorite Professor: Stephen Courter

Business, Diversity, and African American Success

"As president of an exceptionally talented group of African American students at a top tier business program, I find myself committed to creating an environment where our membership can reach the heights of their ambitions.  The diversity of the McCombs student body assists in this pursuit by incubating different perspectives, experiences, and understandings on how to navigate the ever-changing and global business environment.  Black Graduate Business Association plays a significant part in adding to the landscape of the McCombs experience, and I am honored to be a participant in that endeavor.  From McCombs student organizations, to international night, to our global experiences, McCombs creates the opportunity to grow into a true leader who is able to navigate the full spectrum of business in today's world."

Willie Okpoyo,
MBA '13



Hometown: Port-Harcourt, Nigeria/Houston, Texas 
Pre-MBA Job: Field Engineer
Undergrad Institution: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Undergrad Major: Electrical Engineering 
MBA Concentration: Energy Finance
Favorite Class: Valuation
Favorite Professor: Britt Freund

Collaborative and Diverse 
"The MBA program has been demanding – it gave the phrase 'time-management' a whole new meaning for me.  That being said, a vast resource base of professors, classmates and academic staff were made available to me.  I had a Professor who came in on Labor Day to help me prepare for an interview – the collaborative nature of McCombs is one of the main reasons why I decided to come here.  Another aspect of the program that has broadened my global perspective is the diverse student body.  In a typical class discussion, at least 4 continents are represented and this view of the world has helped me mature as a professional."

Carlos Hill,
MBA '13



Hometown: Denver, CO
Pre-MBA Job: Civil Designer
Undergrad Institution: Cornell University
Undergrad Major: Environmental Engineering
MBA Concentration: Energy Finance
Favorite Class: Operations
Favorite Professor: Britt Freund

Growth, Leadership and Stimulating Conversations
"My experience at McCombs has been challenging and rewarding. The MBA environment here provides me with plenty of opportunities to interact with top professors, intelligent classmates, and prestigious businesses. The classroom stimulates my mind on numerous levels, for I'm learning about the different ways to view the world of business. From Finance to Statistics to Operations, I'm gaining new perspectives on the various departments within a competitive business. Furthermore, I do not only read subject material for courses but also apply the knowledge to real world situations. Utilizing these new skills in group assignments, MBA+ projects, or student organizations has given me the opportunity to further develop my leadership skills. Many of my classmates are doing the same thing based on their impressive backgrounds, personalities, and graduate focuses. Networking with fellow MBAs is enjoyable because I can easily dive into an intellectual conversation. Bouncing ideas, opinions, strategies, etc. off each other usually creates synergies that make us both more competitive in the real world."