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McCombs School of Business Advisory Council

The Red McCombs School of Business Advisory Council was established in 1960 to assist the dean, faculty and staff of the school in becoming one of the top business schools in the nation.

Council membership consists of individuals whose stature and accomplishments in the business world bring credibility to the school, and who are called upon to:

  • Engage in and support the fundraising efforts of the school
  • Provide counsel to the dean, faculty, and staff on strategy and issues affecting the future of the school, curricula, programs and external affairs
  • Provide insights to the dean, faculty, and staff on how the school can enhance the impact of its services on various stakeholder groups
  • Provide valuable contacts for faculty to provide access to the business community for research purposes, to increase the impact of their work on the business community, to inform their research and teaching
  • Provide valuable advice to students in their career selection decisions and job-seeking activities
  • Provide input to the dean, faculty and staff for assessing the progress of the school and charting future courses

Nominations for Advisory Council membership are accepted year-round and considered each spring.

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Executive Committee

Marcie Zlotnik


John Harkey Headshot

John D. Harkey Jr


George Ackert Headshot

George Ackert


Red McCombs

Red McCombs



Active Members

Kenneth Aboussie Headshot

Kenneth Aboussie

Craig Bondy

Craig Bondy

Adam Blum headshot

Adam Blum

Bob Borden Headshot

Bob Borden

Shane Brisbin Headshot

Shane Brisbin

Phil Canfield Headshot

Phil Canfield

Chris Cartwright

Profile Default Image

Christopher Crow

Jane-Page Crump Headshot

Jane-Page Crump

Scott Dennis Headshot

R. Scott Dennis

David Druley

Travis Fagan Headshot

Travis Fagan

Kent Ferguson Headshot

Kent Ferguson

Jeff Fronterhouse Headshot

Jeff Fronterhouse

Gay Gaddis Headshot

Gay Gaddis

Jonathan Goldman

Phil Green Headshot

Phil Green

Mindy Hildebrand Headshot

Mindy Hildebrand

Scott Hill

Rob Holmes Headshot

Rob Holmes

Andy Jacobs Headshot

Andy Jacobs

Marty Kaplan Headshot

Martin B. Kaplan

David Kirk Headshot

David Kirk

Steve LeBlanc Headshot

Steve LeBlanc

Rob Malcolm Headshot

Rob Malcolm

Christopher Manning

Jim McBride Headshot

Jim McBride

Pam McIlhenny Headshot

Pam McIlhenny

Holly McMullan Headshot

Holly McMullan

Tom Melody Headshot

Tom Melody

Christopher Mize

Gloria Moncrief headshot

Gloria Moncrief Holmsten

Bill Montgomery Headshot

Bill Montgomery

Profile Default Image

Kara Nordstrom Wells

Allison ONeal Headshot

Allison O'Neal

Profile Default Image

Daron Peschel

Scott Plantowsky Headshot

Scott Plantowsky

Don Reese

Tammy Romo Headshot

Tammy Romo

Jeff Rosenbaum

Shad Rowe Headshot

Frederick E. Rowe

Scott Schanen Headshot

J. Scott Schanen

Gretchen Seay Headshot

Gretchen Seay

Stacy Smith Headshot

G. Stacy Smith

Rebecca Szelc

Rebecca Szelc

Mike Van de Ven

Sarah West Headshot

Sarah West

Steve West Headshot

Steve West

Mark Whatley

Brent Williams

Corporate Members

Brett Biggs Headshot

Brett Biggs

Michael Blue

Bill Braun headshot

Bill Braun

Steve Chase

Kathleen Farlow

Tamara Fields Headshot

Tamara Fields

Kyle Hranicky

Steve McGaw Headshot

Steve McGaw

Sharon Miller

Niloufar Molavi Headshot

Niloufar Molavi

Profile Default Image

Gary Murtha

Lawrence Pope Headshot

Lawrence Pope

Profile Default Image

Amin Sewani

Tom Sweet


Lifetime Members

A-C >


Paul Aaron
George Ackert
John Adams
Les Allison

Louis Baldwin
Steve Ballantyne
John Bass
Howard Berk
Teresa Binning
Lew Brazelton
Jon Brumley
Preston Butcher
Tim Byrne
John Carpenter
Scott Caven
Bob Chereck
Eugenio Clariond 
Coley Clark
Pete Coneway
Catherine Crain
Gary Crum



Ken DeAngelis
Jason Downie
Alan Dreeben
Bobby Duffey
Robert Duncan
Jimmy Elliott
Mike Espinosa
Dick Evans

Bill Finnegan
Jake Foley
Richard Folger
Tony Forcum
Jack Furst 

Mark Gibson
Brian Gladden
John Goff
Kim Goodwin
Sue Gove
Bob Graham
Jody Grant
Bob Greer
Bill Gurley
Barbara Guthery


Kathy Harless
Fred Hegi
Bill Helms
Gilbert Herrera
Tom Hicks
Richard Hill
Charles Holley
Joe Holt
James Huffines
Ralph Hull
Ron Hulme
Alfred Jackson
Steve James
Kenny Jastrow
Rob Jones
Don Jordan


Gary Kelly
Ellen Keszler
Paul Kinscherff
Aaron Kozmetsky
Gary Kusin
Tom Kuzio

John Lancaster
Frank Lee
Lance Loeffler
Todd Maclin
Clement Marcus
John Massey
Joe Matlock
Scott Mattei
Baker McAdams
Skip McGee
John McStay
Ardon Moore
Ben Moreland
Shea Morenz
Dave Morris
Marc Myers
Mike Myers


Jimmy Nakfoor
Toni Neal
Jimmy Neissa
Erin Nelson
Ray Nixon

Will O'Hara
Norma M. Petrosewicz
Bob Phillips
Pat Priest
Joe Prothro
Elysia Ragusa
Ben Rodriguez
Steve Rohleder
Stanley Rosenberg
Billy Rosenthal
Robert Rowling
Tom Ryan

Norma M. Petrosewicz

Norma M. Petrosewicz


Mike Sanders
Tony Schell
George Seay
Brien P. Smith
Stacy J. Smith
Joel Staff
Ron Steinhart
Bryan Stolle
Don Stone
John Stuart
Sam L. Susser
Jeff Swope
Charles Teeple
Ralph Thomas
Jere Thompson
Mac Tichenor
Gifford Touchstone
Peyton Townsend
Tom Turner


Lynn Utter

Andrew Vo
Peter Wareing
George Watson
Rad Weaver
Gary Weed
Shawn Wells
Marty Wender
John Wilder
Ray Wilkins
Del Williams
Chris Wrather
Liz Yant
Peter Zandan
Bob Zlotnik


University Leadership

 Jay C. Hartzell
 Interim President - The University of Texas at Austin

McCombs School Leadership

 Lillian F. Mills
 Interim Dean - McCombs School of Business
 Jeff Melton
 Assistant Dean - Development and External Relations

Alumni Network Board Chairs

 Arthur Mills IV
 Chair, MBA Advisory Board
 McCombs School of Business
 Maria Garate
 Chair, BBA Advisory Board
 McCombs School of Business

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