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McCombs Alumni Network | FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Alumni Directory

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Alumni Directory 

What is the policy for using the Alumni Directory?

  • Alumni may only network with other alumni if they have also allowed some of their contact information to be displayed to alumni.
  • The network is to be used for social and business contacts, but not sales leads! We are a valuable resource to one another, please respect that.
  • Networking is a privilege and access will be restricted if necessary.
  • We promise to maintain the data, and you must promise to use it and keep your information current!

Security Note: Stringent precautions have been taken to ensure that the Alumni Directory is secure. The website uses cookies to validate that you are a member of the directory. The cookies are stored in your browser's memory in order to identify you as a unique and trusted visitor. Nothing is written to your hard drive.

How do I update my information in the Alumni Directory?

  • Visit the Alumni Directory landing page.
  • Click “Log in using your UT EID.”
  • If you need your UT EID, contact the Alumni Relations Office. If you know your UT EID but need your password, visit UT EID Self-Service Tools.
  • To update your information after you are logged into the directory, click “Update Profile” located in the upper right corner.

How do I search for fellow alumni in the Alumni Directory?

  • Visit the Alumni Directory landing page.
  • Click “Log in using your UT EID.”
  • If you need your UT EID, contact the Alumni Relations Office. If you know your UT EID but need your password, visit UT EID Self-Service Tools.
  • To search for fellow alumni after you are logged into the directory, click “Search Directory” located in the upper right corner.
  • Enter some or all of the criteria on the page and click the “Search” button at the top or bottom of the page.

My contact information is current in the Alumni Directory, but I'm still not receiving emails from the school. What should I do?

If your contact information is correct but you still aren't receiving communications from the school, contact the Alumni Relations Office. We are happy to work with you to make sure your email preferences are correct.  

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Career Services

What career services are available for alumni?

Visit Alumni Career Resources to learn about the tools available to you as a McCombs graduate, including the McCombs Job Board, Access UT and the Alumni Directory. Alumni are welcome to use the Perry-Castañeda Library for research or the physical resources in our career services office.

Can alumni take advantage of on-campus recruiting? 

Unfortunately we are not able to make our on-campus recruiting positions available to alumni. All access to campus recruiting terminates once you have left the program. We encourage all companies to post alumni positions on the McCombs Job Board. Many companies simultaneously post positions on the job board and our on-campus recruiting system.

How can I hire McCombs students and/or alumni?

Please post alumni positions to the McCombs Job Board. For more information about hiring students, visit Recruitment Services.  

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Lifetime Email

How do I set up my lifetime email forwarding?

If you graduated in 2000 or later, use your school account as your lifetime email address. All you have to do is change your forwarding address in your online profile if you change jobs or service providers:

  • Go to McCombs Online Resources and login using your UT EID and password.
    • If you don't know your UT EID, email the Alumni Relations Office with your name, degree and graduation year.
    • If you know your UT EID but not your password, visit UT EID Self-Service Tools.
    • Click the “Update Profile” tab in the upper right corner.
    • Click the “Lifetime Email” tab and follow the instructions.

    If you graduated before 2000, visit Texas Exes to sign up for a free lifetime email address powered by Google. This service provides alumni with a UT branded email address for life, up to 25 GB of storage space and an easy-to-use sign-up process at no cost.

    Questions or problems? Contact

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    MBA Alumni Admissions Volunteers

    How do I sign up to interview prospective students?

    • Update your contact information in McCombs Online Resources.
    • Under "Involvement Information," select "Yes" for "Admissions Volunteer."
      • Your bio and email are now searchable by prospective applicants looking for additional program information or to schedule an admissions interview. 

      Please note that we do not assign interviewers. Applicants choose an interviewer in their region, so there are no guarantees that you will get an interview request. For additional help, contact the MBA Program Office at

      How do I submit feedback from my interview?

      For assistance, contact the MBA Program Office at

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      How do I obtain a copy of my transcript?

      Visit the Registrar’s website for instructions on ordering transcripts. For $10 per transcript, they may be ordered online or by mail, telephone, fax, in-person or by proxy.

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      UT EID

      How do I find my UT EID?

      If you need assistance with your UT EID, please email with your name, degree and graduation year.

      How do I find the password associated with my EID?

      If you need assistance with your password for access to the McCombs Online Resources, visit UT EID Self-Service Tools or call the ITS Help Desk at 512-475-9400.

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      I am a prospective MBA student. How do I contact alumni for information about the program?

      The McCombs Alumni Admissions Network  (MAAN) is a select group of alumni that have volunteered to be available to prospective students. Find alumni that match your profile, and feel free to e-mail them.

      I am a current MBA student. How do I get involved with the Texas McCombs Alumni Network?

      As a current student, there are many ways to connect with the Texas McCombs Alumni Network. See our Top 7 Ways for MBAs to Connect with the Texas McCombs Alumni Network.

      Was I assigned a social security number when I was an international student at McCombs?

      UT requires students to have a social security number, so you would have received a temporary social security number shortly after you matriculated. If you lived in the US for a significant length of time, you were most likely assigned a permanent social security number.

      To gain access to your social security number, contact the national Social Security Office.

      Can I use the alumni network to promote my political campaign?

      The McCombs School and the McCombs Alumni Network are prohibited from any involvement in the promotion of political candidates. If we were to endorse one candidate, the university requires that we include all candidates.

      Where can I purchase McCombs merchandise?

      You can purchase McCombs t-shirts and other merchandise at McCombs signature events such as the Alumni Barbecue and the Annual Alumni Business Conference.

      Where can I learn about rankings?

      The most recent McCombs School rankings are posted online. Read analyses of our rankings on McCombs TODAY. To learn about business school rankings in general, view our Rankings FAQ.

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