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What is BHP?

The BHP (Business Honors Program) is part of the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. We are both a four-year major and an Honors Program. When students complete the program they will have a degree in Business Honors. BHP provides a world class education, countless opportunities and a tight-knit student community.

What type of student are you looking for?

Are you a leader at your high school? Have you challenged yourself by taking the most difficult classes available and mastering them? Do you go above and beyond to succeed inside and outside of the classroom? These are some of the questions we ask our high achieving future students. Grades and test scores are extremely important to the process as are leadership and extracurricular activities. Our admits go on to be successful students and top university leaders.

What makes the BHP unique?

The Business Honors Program is modeled after case-based MBA programs. Small classes focus on discussion and presentation, group collaboration, and analytical exercises. Robust programming and dedicated advisors provide students with personalized attention and unique opportunities. Students learn from not only esteemed professors, but also from each other.

How does the BHP stack up to the competition?

Compared directly against other business schools, Texas BHP students arguably have few if any equals. With a program consisting of 500 students across all four years (comparable in many cases to the size of the entire business school of other peer institutions) and an academic profile second to none, the McCombs School of Business has created a truly singular undergraduate business education.

Can I combine BHP with other majors?

Yes.  Almost all of our students choose to major in additional subjects.  Most students tend to pick up another major from within the business school (Accounting, Finance, Marketing, etc.). Other students tend to think outside the business school box and might select a second major in Pre-Med, Math, Liberal Arts or History. Some students might even decide to have three different majors.  Business is important in any industry so having a Business Honors degree will help you achieve whatever career goals you have in mind. 

What’s the difference between BHP classes and normal McCombs classes?

BHP classes are modeled after MBA classes. Average class sizes range from 30-40 students. These small classes allow for networking and increased student/faculty interaction. The accelerated MBA-style curriculum allows for case-based study in which students are simultaneously learning and applying knowledge on various subjects. BHP selects world-class professors to teach its classes. These professors are equipped with a combination of professional expertise in their fields as well as world-renowned research on various business disciplines and subjects.

Is UT affordable compared to other top universities?

Cost is a big factor for most students. When students are comparing tuition and scholarship offers, they are often comparing apples to oranges. It is important to look carefully at the net cost of each school and think about what you are getting for that amount. UT Austin is consistently recognized as one of the best values for the money. In addition, McCombs has one of the top career services offices in the nation and BHP has a near 100% job placement rate upon graduation over the last five years. This means that students aren’t just getting an education for the money, they are also getting the resources they need to land jobs.

How does the application process work?

Applicants are evaluated holistically. This means there are no cut-offs or minimums, we look at all aspects of the application.

  • We are looking for students who are not only strong academically, but are engaged and have taken on leadership roles.
  • We will review the essays they submitted for their ApplyTexas application
  • We will review the student's expanded resume
  • And one letter of recommendation

To apply, students should fill out the ApplyTexas application at They will need to list “Unspecified Business” as their first choice and indicate their interest in BHP. The letter of recommendation is the only additional item needed for the BHP application. The personal essays from the UT application and expanded resume will be reviewed as part of their BHP application.

When should I apply? Early Decision vs. Regular Decision.

Many students will ask this question. Students who complete their application on or before October 15 will be considered for early decision. This first group of applicants will receive communication before the regular decision pool. Students who applied by the early deadline will be evaluated under the same criteria as students who have applied by the regular deadline. The possibility of admission will neither be negatively or positively influenced. The benefit of applying by the early deadline is earlier notification of the status of your application. If admitted, this is a non-binding admissions decision. Students will not be required to enroll in UT, McCombs, or BHP.

If I don’t get into BHP for my freshmen year, can I reapply?

Yes. The Business Honors Program has a sophomore admissions process. We admit a limited number of students who have completed their freshman year of college. We accept applications from current McCombs Business students, internal transfers and external transfers. We use a holistic approach when comparing applicants. Our admissions staff will place emphasis on the number and academic challenge of the courses you have taken, GPA, and evidence of college-level extracurricular activities and leadership. We will only look at what you have done since entering college. High school transcripts and activities will not be considered.          

Can I visit the BHP or talk to a current student about the BHP? 

Current BHP students are available to answer questions through our online chat feature, which students can access from the BHP website. You can also call our main line during business hours to speak with a BHP student.      

Students wanting to learn more about BHP or the McCombs School of Business can attend a BBA and/or BHP information session, held regularly on the UT campus. Those students who are admitted can schedule a campus visit with one of our student recruiters, where they will have a custom itinerary designed for them which would include things like sitting in on a class and meeting with a BHP advisor.

Freshman Admitted Class Profile

2011  2012 
 949  969   1,011 1,061 1,255 1,250
 Admitted  178  190  217 235 237 244
 Enrolled  99  88  112 116 117 ***
 Average SAT
 1450  1466  1472 1480 1482 1500*
 Average Class Rank
 Top 2.0%  Top 2.0%  Top 1.8%
 Top 2.1% Top 2.2% Top 2.1%

*SAT averages are based on a 1600 verbal and quantitative composite and exclude the writing section. The SAT range for those admitted in 2014 was 1290-1600.

Note that the average class rank is based only on ranking schools. Derived ranks from non-ranking schools are not included.

In addition to outstanding academic credentials, each admitted student displays commitment to involvement in numerous extracurricular activities and holds significant leadership positions at school and in the community.

Sophomore Admitted Class Profile

       2008  2009  2010  2011  2012
Applications Received       145 150   115   139  138  119
# Offered Admission   33   40   40   44  31  31
Acceptance Rate  23%  27%   35%   32%  22.5%  26%
# Enrolled   33  40   40   44  30  31
Average In-class GPA   3.93   3.93   3.94   3.92  3.90  3.92

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