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When Andrew Allemann, a 2000 Business Honors graduate, was applying to college, he knew only one thing: that he was going to be a business major.

"When you look at the schools in the U.S., there are only a couple business programs that stand out," Allemann said. "The Business Honors Program with its class sizes and teaching style was a no-brainer compared to the other schools."

While also majoring in finance, Allemann was very involved in the program, eventually becoming Vice President of Honors Business Association. During his college career, he also witnessed the beginning of the Make-a-Mark scholarship campaign, an initiative in which the senior class raises money to provide a scholarship for incoming freshman.

Andrew started giving to the BHP while still a student, "Between HBA and other organizations, we were giving back and doing philanthropy events on a regular basis," Allemann said.

Allemann has continued that giving spirit well after college, serving as the chair of the BHP Alumni Committee for a period of time, and continually staying active on the committee. One of the fortunate few who was able to stay in Austin and start his own business ventures, Allemann continues to come back and support recruiting events and other events sponsored by the program. He still helps conduct interviews during the application process and contributes fiscally.

"With the way university funding is now after these tough times, and the fact that UT is a public school, money for recruiting and scholarships is a priority," Allemann said. "It is critical that we contribute money in order to get the best students. It is essential for the continuity of the program."

He also tries to stay involved with the current students by mentoring and helping them figure out where they want to go with their careers.

"I was fortunate enough to meet many alumni during college," Allemann said. "I have established multiple long-term mentor relationships and wish to be one as well. " With over a decade of consistent giving to the program, Allemann has seen the program flourish.

"It's interesting to note that while the number of students has stayed the same over the past decade, the number of staff has increased," Allemann said. "The increase in staff has lead to the program being even more personal for the students and successful for the school."

Page last updated: 5/15/2013