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BHP Research Interest Group (RIG)

The BHP Research Interest Group (RIG) is comprised of BHP freshmen and sophomores with an interest in research. The seminar is led by two BHP upperclassmen who are intimately familiar with research opportunities at UT Austin. Students attend a weekly 50-minute seminar during the fall semester to learn about how to get involved in research at UT and what it means to work in research at UT. The goal of the program is to help students decide if they would like to pursue research, and connect them to university resources so that they may pursue their research interests. Additional details, along with the application, are sent to admitted students in May.

We encourage incoming freshmen and rising sophomores to apply for the RIG who:

  • Are interested in learning more about research at UT and how to get involved and/or
  • Want to connect with like-minded BHP students in a unique, small-group setting and/or
  • Are seeking an undergraduate mentor with research experience

Research Opportunities

BHP students can reap the many benefits of attending a top research university, including practicing research themselves. Over the past two years, UT Austin has been awarded $1.1 billion in sponsored research. Opportunities to engage in research on this campus are abundant, and BHP staff are committed to helping BHP students find and connect to research-related resources during their undergraduate career. Several BHP students have forged their own research path by taking advantage of the resources and opportunities offered through UT and BHP.

UT’s Office of Undergraduate Research exists to support undergraduate students engaging in research. Students can utilize “EUREKA,” a searchable database to identify faculty who are doing research that matches their interests and search for research opportunities.

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