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Forge Your Own Path

The Business Honors Program is versatile. When you begin to plan out your four years at The University of Texas, it will become immediately apparent that choosing a specialty in McCombs such as finance or marketing or management is easy. The Business Honors degree integrates well with all ten McCombs majors, and as a Business Honors student, you have the option of double majoring within McCombs. With a BHP degree that gives you a strong foundation in business coupled with an area of specialization, you become a dynamic potential hire for recruiting companies.

BHP students can also major outside of McCombs. Although many of our students decide to take the traditional business route, some of our students already know that they want to be doctors, lawyers, economists, writers, or follow their own unique career path. The Business Honors degree supplements any of these majors, teaching you not only about the general business world but also how to think analytically. Pre-med and pre-law BHP students often go on to attend top medical programs and law schools. Armed with a knowledge of business, they are well equipped to open their own practice and manage their own finances. The Business Honors degree can only compliment students’ educations and make them stronger candidates for whatever career path they choose to pursue.