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Business Foundations | Business Foundations Certificate
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  • Do I have to apply to the Business Foundations Program in order to take BFP courses?
    No. All undergraduate UT students who are non-business majors are eligible to enroll in the regular BFP courses. The only application is the online Request for Certification that must be submitted once students begin their final semester in the program.
  • Can I transfer credit for courses into the Business Foundations Program?
    The Business Foundations Program does accept transfer credit for the Economics, Statistics, or MIS 302 courses.  
  • What classes meet the economics requirement?
    Three hours of Microeconomics (ECO 304K), Macroeconomics (ECO 304L), Introduction to Economics (ECO 301), or equivalent credit from another college
  • What classes meet the statistics requirement?
    A number of courses fulfill the statistics requirement. For a complete list, see the Stats Equivalency Guide.
  • What other classes meet the MIS 302F requirement?
    A number of courses fulfill MIS the requirement. For a complete list, see the MIS Equivalency Guide.
  • What other classes meet the ACC 310F requirement?
    Credit for both ACC 311 (Financial Accounting) and ACC 312 (Managerial Accounting) or their equivalents are required to receive credit for ACC 310F.
  • What are the prerequisites for the BFP courses?
    Lower division BFP courses have no prerequisites. Students must have credit for ACC 310F before they can register for FIN 320F. Students must have 60 hours of college credit before they can register for upper division BFP courses.
  • Who are the advisors for the Business Foundations Program?
    BFP peer advisors hold office hours during each semester - see the Contact Us page. Students can always email questions to the BFP faculty advisor at or call 512-232-6748
  • Can I use BFP courses toward a business degree here at UT?
    No. None of the BFP courses count towards a business degree from UT. The courses are designed for non-business majors only.
  • Can I take BFP courses on a pass/fail basis 
    If you want to earn the BFP certificate, you must take the required courses for a letter grade. You may take the courses pass-fail only if you do not plan to earn the certificate.
  • Can I take BFP courses in the summer?
    Through our regular summer class schedule, a student can take the six required BFP classes utilizing both first and second summer semester. In addition students are welcome to complete the 5 courses offered through the McCombs Summer Institute. Check our website at Summer Enhancement Program.
  • Will my study abroad business courses count as transfer credits for the Business Foundations courses?
    Only certain pre-approved study abroad courses count as BFP equivalents for IB 320F or any other BFP course. To obtain pre-approval, email a copy of the syllabus to and request an equivalency determination. Foundations of Business Law (LEB 320F) may not be taken abroad. If you have additional questions about whether or not your particular course transfers, see your academic advisor or contact the BFP program directly.
  • I am an actuarial science major. Do I have to take FIN 320f or will FIN 357 count as an equivalent to FIN 320F?
    For actuarial science majors, FIN 357 counts towards the BFP certificate. You do not need to take FIN 320F. When you request your certificate, note your Actuarial Science major in the comments section.
  • I am an economics major in the Business Economics Option Program (BEOP). Do I have to take FIN 320F or will FIN 357 count as an equivalent to FIN 320F?
    For BEOP economics majors, FIN 357 counts towards the BFP certificate. You do not need to take FIN 320F. When you request your certificate, note your participation in BEOP in the comments section.
  • I took a business law class at another college. Can I count my "LEB 3HRS" transfer credit as LEB 320F?
    No, "LEB 3HRS" transfer credit is for a lower division course. You need to have transfer credit for LEB 323 or LEB 320f to have it count towards the BFP certificate.
  • Will a BFP certificate automatically be sent to me when I complete the entire program satisfactorily?
    No. You must complete the online Request for Certification to receive your BFP certificate. Please request certification when you are taking your last BFP classes, but do not wait until after you have completed your last classes. We certify each semester after the last official day of the semester. If you request certification after that date, you will be included in the next semester’s certification.
  • When will I receive my BFP certificate if I have completed all requirements and submitted the "Request for Certification” form?
    Your request for certification will remain in the system until the end of the following semester at which time we will clear all records. You will then receive an email alerting you to your accomplishment and giving details regarding receipt of the certificate and accompanying letter describing the program. BFP certificates are typically emailed to you four to six weeks after all grades are posted for the semester in which you complete the requirements and request certification. To ensure that you receive your certificate in a timely manner, please keep your email address updated.
  • When will my BFP certificate appear on my UT transcript?
    Once you graduate from UT, your certificate will appear on your official transcript. It will not appear on your transcript anytime before then – even if you complete the certificate a semester or two before you graduate. You are allowed one full year past graduation to complete any certificate and have it added to your UT transcript. If you complete the BFP certificate after that time, you will still receive the certificate but it will not be posted to your UT transcript.
  • I graduated but still have one or more BFP courses to take to qualify for a BFP certificate, am I eligible to register in these classes?
    Yes, students have up to one year after graduation to complete a maximum of 9 hours toward the BFP certificate. The University permits continuous registration in undergraduate classes even after a degree has been earned. However, if a student has not been enrolled for one full semester or longer, returning to take BFP courses requires applying to UT for admission. Should you want to finish your certificate through University Extension, you may take classes through that program and count them towards certification. If more than a year has passed since a student completed their undergraduate degree or the student has more than 9 hours to finish the certificate, the student may still complete the classes, but the credential will not appear on their transcript.
  • If I do well in all my BFP courses, is any "extra" recognition possible in addition to the certificate itself?
    For students with excellent BFP course GPA's, the faculty has authorized, consistent with and parallel to The University's "Honors" designations, BFP Certificates to be awarded "With Highest Distinction" for those earning A's in all the required BFP courses, "With High Distinction" for those earning one B and the rest A’s, and "With Distinction" for two B's and the rest A’s. Earning a grade of C in any required BFP course will disqualify a student from receiving a "Distinction" designation, even if the other grades are A's. Remember, all courses for BFP certification must be taken for a letter grade to earn the certificate.
  • What is the difference between the BFP certificate and a minor in business?
    The certificate is more than a minor (which requires only 12 hours) and less than a major. Students who complete the BFP certificate will have it noted on their transcript when they graduate.
  • What is the certificate worth to employers or an MBA program?
    The certificate is an overlay to your major and sets you apart from job candidates that do not have business course credit. It demonstrates to potential employers that, in addition to knowledge of your major, you have a foundation of business knowledge that you can bring to your job. The courses can be viewed as the equivalent of a minor and will meet the prerequisite requirements for many M.B.A. programs.
  • Are BFP courses available elsewhere?
    The University's Extension Division (512-471-2900) regularly offers Business Foundations Program courses. If you plan to earn the McCombs BFP certificate or minor, no more than 50% of the required courses may be substituted for BFP courses taught in the McCombs School of Business. This covers the six required major classes; Economics and Statistics may be completed at any school and transferred for credit. See the Automated Transfer Equivalency System to verify transfer credit. UEX courses are counted towards completing the BFP certificate and are factored into the student’s UT GPA. Should a student take more than two (2) UEX BFP classes, then the certificate of completion will be issued by UEX, not McCombs.
  • Is the BFP popular on the UT campus?
    Yes, the BFP program celebrated 20 years in 2013. Approximately 4,000 individual students take classes each year, which totals to around 10,000 seat-count annually. Students take two-and-a-half courses per year on average. Approximately 1,200 students receive their BFP certificate each year. That number is increasing as more students realize the importance of business essentials and the knowledge that the certificate can become a part of their UT transcript.
  • I am not a business major. Can I take IB 350 and substitute it for IB 320f?
    Non-business majors may take some BBA courses and have them count as BFP credit, including IB 350. Students outside McCombs may petition for permission to take selected additional classes from the McCombs curriculum on a space-available basis using the Enrollment Control Petition. Please consult this form for the list of available classes and detailed submission instructions.

    To follow the procedure for all non-business students seeking to take BBA classes, go to

    You will need to fill out the Enrollment Control Petition at

    To make sure we accommodate all graduating BBAs who may need the class, we open up enrollment to non-business students when classes start.
  • I am a graduate student. How do I register?
    Please bring a letter from your graduate advisor (on UT letterhead), stating that this class is required for your program of study starting on the first class day to CBA 2.400. We'll accommodate based on course availability up until the fifth class day.

Business Foundations Walk-In Office Hours for Spring 2018 Semester:

Monday through Thursday 10am-11am in CBA 2.214.

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