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Flexible degree plan

The Business Honors major will give you a solid foundation in all business disciplines. It can be easily combined with other majors. Most Canfield BHP students combine their Business Honors major with another major. Students can easily add a second business major after their freshman year in the program. Students interested in adding a major outside of the business school can consult with their Canfield BHP advisor about the process for that particular major. For students interested in combining honors degree programs, sometimes they would need to apply as an incoming freshman in order to do that. Canfield BHP has partnerships with the Department of Computer Science and the College of Liberal Arts to help facilitate combining majors for students interested in those majors. With Canfield BHP as a baseline major, your options remain flexible. Below are just a few of the more common options students select.

Another Business Major >

Another Business Major

Canfield BHP/Another Business Major

The most common option. For students who are business through and through, and are interested in diving in further to a specific business discipline. You can’t go wrong with what you pick, as no other business school has more majors ranked in the top 10!  

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Computer Science

Honors Computer Science & Business (Texas CSB) – College of Natural Sciences (CS Department)

For students who are savvy in both business and technology. This integrated dual-degree program streamlines computer science and business curriculum, so you can complete both majors in less time.

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Liberal Arts

Canfield BHP/Plan II Honors – College of Liberal Arts

For students with diverse interests who would like to add rigorous liberal arts and science classes. This combination will strengthen critical and analytical skills, broader problem-solving capabilities and writing skills. A capstone thesis is required for Plan II students. 

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Texas ECB

Honors Electrical and Computer Engineering and Business

For students aspiring to be electrical and computing engineers and entrepreneurs, the Honors Electrical and Computer Engineering and Business (Texas ECB) degree provides hands-on and project-based learning. At Texas ECB, students will learn the leadership skills required to lead engineering companies into the future and prepare them to find solutions to the global challenges facing our society. Students interested in combining the technical skills of electrical and computer engineering with business analytics and product management are encouraged to apply. Students will begin honors-level courses in their first semester, gaining a strong foundation in both business and engineering right from the start of their experience in the program.


Canfield BHP/Pre-Med – College of Natural Sciences

For students wanting to complete health professions prerequisites, including courses for admission to Medical, Dental, or Physician Assistant school. The Pre-Health Professions Certificate requires 18 hours of coursework and provides a solid foundation for students interested in pursuing a career in the health professions.

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Canfield BHP/Pre-Law

The American Bar Association does not recommend any particular undergraduate major or specified coursework to prepare for legal education. Still, students may choose to pursue a major in a subject area recommended by law schools, such as Government, Philosophy, or Psychology.

Another option would be taking interdisciplinary coursework through certificates such as Business & Public Policy (BPP) or Ethics & Leadership. Because Canfield BHP courses stimulate analytical thinking, our graduates have a strong record of success in being admitted to top law schools.