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Texas Enterprise Speaker Series Presents Lewis Spellman: Is Your Money Safe Anywhere?

Texas Enterprise with Andrew Ellington Lewis Spellman, Finance Professor, McCombs School of Business

When: Thursday, May 9, 2013

Where: ATT ECC Room 203

Cost: $20- includes box lunch

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What: The Cypriot bank deposit crisis has put a modern spin on Mark Twain’s “It’s not the return on my money but the return OF my money that counts.” The unthinkable possibilities ahead emanate from the epic gap between a government’s financing needs and its ability to sell debt. This has prompted politicians to consider options that were previously considered unthinkable.

In this discussion you will learn about:
— The magnitude of the shortfalls in government funding
— The adverse effects of the monetary fixes that are already underway
— The means that governments use to confiscate private wealth
— The protections being devised by private citizens
— The possibility of new reserve currencies and global wealth reallocation
—The Texas gold depository as an example of the unthinkables that lie ahead.

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