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Students in our undergraduate and graduate programs are equipped to make an immediate contribution to your organization.  McCombs’ outstanding faculty includes some of the world’s top researchers. These award-winning educators challenge our students with a leading-edge curriculum.

The Texas Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is one of the top undergraduate business programs in the nation. We seek to transform the lives of our students through a well-rounded professional education characterized by leading-edge curriculums, outstanding faculty expertise, award-winning student organizations, and high student and alumni satisfaction.

The Texas Master in Professional Accounting (MPA) program is widely recognized as one of the leading graduate accounting programs in the United States. Our program attracts academically talented, hard-working, and ambitious students. Our exceptional MPA graduates possess the competence, sound judgment, and accounting proficiency that allow them to excel not in public accounting, and also industry, nonprofits, government, financial services and consulting.

The Texas Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is dedicated to providing our students with educational excellence and opportunities for practical learning experiences. By focusing on market-driven academic programs, a Texas MBA strategically positions students to compete in the ever-changing business environment. Each graduate leaves McCombs with a strong foundation in both industry expertise and general management, and the knowledge that leadership comes from hard work and collaboration. Programs include: the traditional Full-time in Austin, Austin Evening, Austin Executive, Mexico City Executive, Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston. 

The Texas Master of Science in Technology Commercialization (MSTC) program develops knowledge and skills in how to identify new technologies with market potential, bring them to market, and create wealth in the process. The focus is on the rapid transfer of research, knowledge, and technology from ideas to the marketplace - the entrepreneurial wealth creation process.

The Texas Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program provides a unique opportunity for students to receive graduate-level training to prepare for careers in finance, especially those requiring analytic rigor and quantitative skills. Throughout the demanding 10-month program taught by McCombs' award-winning professors, students gain practical knowledge that allows them to be assets to industry firms.

The Texas Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSIROM) program is designed to provide students with the deep quantitative and analytical skills required to gain insights from “Big Data” that has become present throughout business. This one-year-long degree includes focused courses based on statistics, programming, and predictive analytics and modeling in a business context that includes finance, marketing, and supply chain. Taught by faculty from across McCombs and the rest of The University of Texas, the program is designed for students with an undergraduate background in quantitative fields such as math, statistics, computer science, economics, engineering, and business.

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