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On-Campus Recruiting Systems

Welcome to the McCombs School of Business’ On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) systems.  The systems allow recruiters to reach current McCombs School of Business students for roles that align with the McCombs School of Business On-Campus Recruiting Requirements. If your role does not align with these requirements (e.g., seeking an alumni for an immediate hiring need mid-semester, need a part-time employee), please consider the McCombs Job Board or AccessUT. The OCR and McCombs Job Board recruiting tools are not available to third-party recruiters.

If you are a new user of our services, please submit the "Employer Account Registration" form and click 'Request Account' below.  Returning users, please enter your email address and password below.

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MBA Recruiting System

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BBA: Bachelor of Business Administration.

MBA: Master of Business Administration.

MPA: Master in Professional Accounting.

MSF: Master of Science in Finance.

MSTC: Master of Science in Technology Commercialization.

MSIROM: Master of Science in Information, Risk & Operations Management with a focus in Business Analytics.