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The Fund's Investment Counselors are selected by the Fund Board from leading professional investment managers who assist in the daily management of the Fund.  The Counselors are assigned to individual Fund portfolios and work closely with the students in the management of the portfolio.  The Counselors can override any investment recommendation of the student managers.  The Counselors may manage the Fund's portfolios during the periods when the students are not in classes.

The Investment Counselors as of September 2008 are:

Group 1: Mr. Anmol Mehra (Fidelity Managment and Research)

Group 2: Ms. Beth Robison (Hawkins Capital L.P.)
Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples

Group 3: Brad Warden (Waddel & Reed)
Energy, Industrials, Materials, Utilities

Group 4: Mr. Stephen Moore (Moore Capital)
Information Technology, Telecommunications

The Fund's Directors, Advisory Committee, Investment Counselors, and Student Portfolio Managers assist the fund on an uncompensated basis.  No management fee is assessed to the investors by the Fund.  However, operating and administrative costs associated with the Fund are charged to the Fund's investors.