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Centers | AIM Investment Center


AIM Trading Room:

Completed in fall 2002, the AIM Trading Room provides dedicated facilities for the managers of the MBA Investment Fund. A generous endowment from AIM Management Group made this renovation possible. It replicates a Wall Street trading room, and provides Student Managers all the tools and research capabilities typically available to Wall Street investment analysts.

Financial Trading and Technology Center:

The Financial Trading and Technology Center is a state-of-the-art trading, research, and teaching facility in the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. The Center's goal is helping students, faculty, and executives better understand the growing flow of financial data that affects markets. It enables them to participate in the development of new applications of information technology to finance. The Center is a laboratory for the creation of innovative teaching techniques applied to all levels of education. It uses cutting-edge audio-visual and distance learning systems integrated into a three-room, 3,000 square-foot complex. EDS, many corporate partners, and Center Trustees from the financial industry joined together to support a unique educational facility other university campuses don't have.

The work of founder director (and former Dean of the McCombs School of Business) Dr. George W. Gau helped give faculty and students access to real-time data feeds from leading providers of financial information like Bloomberg, FactSet, Morningstar, Capital IQ. Undergraduate and graduate students can use the data gathered in a wide variety of courses like finance classes on portfolio management to information impact management courses on the financial applications of information technology. The Center is similar to a flight simulator. It enables instructors to create simulated trading exercises to help students prepare for "flying," the actual analysis and trading of securities in financial and commodity markets. But it's much more than a simulation. A group of students in the Center's Trading Room actually manage a real $13 million investment fund, The MBA Investment Fund, L.L.C. The Center supports teaching and research in areas like advanced financial modeling and financial risk management.

The classroom is technologically sophisticated, and faculty can adapt their teaching methods to the latest educational tools. There is a real revolution going on in the application of technology to the classroom, and the Center serves as a test-bed for the implementation of new technology at all levels of education. The Center can facilitate long-distance learning and, with its high-definition video teleconferencing capability, the Center dramatically reduces the distance between Austin and New York, and other locations as diverse as Sao Paulo, London, and Tokyo.