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The Portfolio Managers are divided evenly into five groups and each group is assigned multiple industries to follow while managing approximately one fifth of the assets under management.  The managers in each group are responsible for researching and evaluating acquisition and sell decisions for the stocks within their assigned industry segments.  In addition to the responsibility for management of the Fund's assets, each manager is assigned to a specific role on the Fund.

Director of Coordination and Risk Management

Portfolio Managers in this role are responsible for leading the activities of their groups and for facilitating coordination of the activities of the other Portfolio Sector Groups.  This responsibility includes...

  • Scheduling and chairing regular Group meetings and participating in Executive Committee meetings with the Fund Officers.
  • Meeting at least weekly with the other four Directors of Coordination and Risk Management to review the overall composition of the fund to ensure compliance with target weightings in cash and stock, the expenses of the Fund and the compliance of the Fund with investment policy.
  • Periodically inspecting the individual records and reports of the Fund to ensure that they are in order and comply with written guidelines.
  • Apply risk management software tools in order to assess the effect of specific trades on the Fund's correlation with its benchmark.

Director of Security Trading

Portfolio Managers in this role are responsible, in conjunction with Directors of Security Trading in the other Portfolio Sector Groups, for the following activities...

  • Executing trades when target prices or hard floors are reached and notifying the custodian of the Fund as well as the Fund accountant of the terms of the executed trades.
  • Ensuring that the stocks that are approaching the limit of their target ranges are brought up for review by the analyst covering the security.
  • Maintaining and updating a record of positions in the Fund, to include adjusting for splits, purchases and sales.
  • Evaluating and enhancing our trading relationships with outside brokerage firms to ensure that the Fund continues to receive an excellent level of service and good execution quality.

Director of Security Research and Investor Relations

Portfolio Managers in this role are responsible for ensuring the following tasks are completed...

  • Ensuring that stocks selected for the Value Portfolio meet the requirement for selection criteria as expressed by the portfolio's investment philosophy.
  • Updating the Fund's operations manual and investment philosophy as needed, including review by members of the other functional groups.
  • Coordinating work with the Financial Analyst Program, an undergraduate program that assists the Portfolio Managers, to ensure that this valuable resource is used in the best possible way.
  • Delegating research projects to various members for the Portfolio Group.
  • Coordination of investor relations to ensure that information is provided to investors as requested, as well as the organization and coordination of investor meetings.

Director of Economic Forecasting

Portfolio Managers in this role are responsible for keeping all Portfolio Managers informed about the state of the economy and the financial markets by providing timely and accurate data and analysis.  Tasks to achieve this include...

  • Publication of a weekly Economic Update including a summary of the past week's economic and financial market events, a forecast of the coming week's expected economic news and announcements, analysis on the implications of these events, and performance of the portfolios versus their respective benchmarks.
  • Working with other Directors of Economic Forecasting to continuously maintain a six-month economic forecast which will serve as the basis for investment philosophy of the Growth Portfolio.  This forecast will be used to develop the weightings of each industry area.
  • Maintaining and reporting the Growth Portfolio's target weightings to reflect changes in the benchmark index.
  • Review sector allocations at least annually to maintain the distribution of Fund assets as equally as possible for each group.

Performance Manager

Portfolio Managers in this role are responsible for ensuring the following tasks are completed...

  • Monitoring the daily attribution generated by positions in both the Growth Fund and the Value Fund through sector allocation and through stock selection.
  • Generating a weekly attribution report that describes the sources of attribution on a sector basis, on an industry basis and on an individual stock basis.
  • Auditing names and positions in the portfolios to ensure that stock positions and share counts have been entered correctly.

Endowment Fund Manager

Portfolio Managers in this role are responsible for ensuring the following tasks are completed...

  • Working with Dr. Starks and implementing a passive strategy to manage the Endowment Fund.
  • Focusing on balancing future needs against current fund expenses.
  • Ensuring that a stable cash flow is generated from quarter to quarter.

Head Recruiter

Portfolio Managers in this role are responsible for the following tasks...

  • Organizing recruitment events.
  • Meeting and informing prospective students interested in the Fund.

Administrative Officer

Portfolio Managers in this role are responsible for the following tasks...

  • Acting as liaison between Fund managers and Sandy Leeds.
  • Handling daily logistics of the Fund.