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Future Business Models of eCommerce: Integrating Technology, Market, and Policy

Sponsored by The Society of Information Management

What is the current and future landscape of policy affecting e-business - the key players and trends? How will established firms and newly formed web businesses integrate market strategy, technology, and policy in making resource investments and strategic choices in Internet commerce?

Global eCommerce

Sponsored by Accenture

How does the current and emerging legal and regulatory environment in the U.S. and Europe affect how eCommerce firms structure their cross-border e-business operations?

eCommerce Business Models in Future Mobile Computing

Sponsored by Sonera

What will be the consumer services and applications layer for future mobile computing? Which business models are sustainable for which customer groups? What are the privacy, societal, and legal issues of future eCommerce on mobile networks?

Transformation of the Digital Music Industry

Currently seeking funding

How will the digital distribution of music transform the music industry? What will be the effect of policy, regulation, culture, and technology standards on emerging new relations in the digital music industry? What will be the new organizational forms and strategies and what will be the impact of those forms and strategies to customer relationship management?

Managing eBusiness Knowledge Assets in Uncertain Internet Environments

Sponsored by IBM

How are the principles of sharing and protecting knowledge assets changing as business transactions and relationships are moved to the online environment? How are firms' strategic decisions about knowledge asset management influenced by uncertain market, technology and policy environments?

Internet Business Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights

Currently seeking funding

To what extent are government policies on intellectual property encouraging "open" Internet access and competition, including entry by new and small business entrepreneurs? Do the current policies on e-patents (i.e., business method patents) encourage business innovation? Are the e-patents identifying new ways of doing business? Who is benefitting from these e-patents?

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