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Marketing Labs

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About Marketing Labs

One-year program packed with valuable knowledge and skill-building opportunities
  • Own a marketing role while earning course credit
  • Obtain experiential learning in a real-life ongoing role
  • Gain exposure to executive leadership
  • Receive mentorship from a dedicated industry coach
Key Elements of Marketing Labs
  • Students are provided a company orientation and given full access to data/materials
  • Success criteria includes hard business results
  • Students are compensated for spring and fall semesters at rate comparable to minimum wage
  • Summer internship guaranteed at sponsoring company
  • Executive coaching provided to students
  • Work on a team of two students in the program
  • Earn six credit hours
  • All 1st year MBA students are eligible to apply

Current Companies

  • Join Dell's Internet of Things (IoT) Marketing team or Operations & Client Solutions team
  • Lead analysis on current Dell business opportunities
  • Participate in Dell's world-renowned summer internship program with other MBA interns from top schools
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  • Join the AT&T Partner Exchange, a fast-paced start-up within AT&T
  • Lead market insights and research efforts to analyze the Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace and influence innovation
  • Drive several key marketing communication initiatives
  • Combine your talents with AT&T’s collaborative and dynamic team to gain real-world business experience
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Additional companies in 2019

  • Frito-Lay
  • ExxonMobil

Marketing Labs Fair

Tuesday, October 30
3:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Rowling Hall, Special Events Room 
(RRH 5.210)
Refreshments will be served

Applications will be open from    October 29 – November 8

Current Labs Roles

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  • Students may apply for one or multiple roles.
  • All positions follow the same timeline and application process.
  • Interviews are directly with the sponsoring company.
  • Students will be notified of company decisions by 12/3/18.

ExxonMobil - Marketing

Number of positions: 2
International applications accepted: No

  • Positive, immersive firsthand experience in a leading workplace environment designed for collaboration and innovation
  • Real-time marketing programs interfacing with partners, customers, and a network of marketing agencies
  • Participation in full cycle of marketing activities, from strategy through to execution including customer segmentation, product design, distribution, product launch planning, customer analysis, solution design, and solution development and implementation
  • Support channel and distribution strategy, pricing strategy, and marketing communications planning
  • Learn about partner relationship management and sales enablement technologies

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Frito-Lay - Marketing

Number of positions: 2
International applications accepted: No

  • Dive deep into the Multicultural Value Consumer to understand their preferences on products, channels, and key occasions for value snacks
  • Provide recommendations on products/brands to include in value offering, channels to focus on, and how the proposition will come to life in store
  • Receive guidance from managers, cross-functional partners, and the broad marketing organization
  • Learn the business and build a network

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Dell - Global Business Services

Number of positions: 2
International applications accepted: No

  • Work within a cross-functional organization focused on end-to-end sales enablement, order management, customer order support, business intelligence and analytics that supports all business units, all routes to market, and all Dell products
  • Research to understand Customer Journey end to end through benchmarking, surveys and process mapping
  • Build out Customer Transformation Support with process, differentiated service model based on customer value, tools/technologies, etc.

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Dell - Marketing

Number of positions: 1
International applications accepted: Yes

  • Dive into global data privacy
  • Support strengthening personal and corporate data privacy marketing
  • Drive adoption of robust process controls including Global Marketing Privacy Standards adoption and deep focus on privacy controls
  • Support development and deployment of webtags and tracking technology strategy
  • Build and support business cases and recommend implementation strategies

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Dell - Supply Chain and Marketing

Number of positions: 4
International applications accepted: Yes

  • Play an important role, as part of a global and cross-functional team, in the development and deployment of strategic initiatives in which marketing and supply chain have decided to take a combined approach to better serve customers 
  • Work closely with team members of Demand Planning and Marketing teams and interact frequently with sales, procurement, manufacturing and logistics teams
  • Develop innovative and replicable approaches to address business and customer needs
  • Participate in the creation of metrics to assess the performance of initiatives and improvements, aid in compiling and analyzing performance data to make improvements
  • Have full ownership of roles within the project with opportunity to have a direct impact in shaping the future of these organizations and how they will continue to add value to Dell and its customers

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Dell - Technology Services

Number of positions: 2
International applications accepted: Yes

  • Collaborate with the global data science community, engaging to help define and develop key structural components necessary to grow organizational service offerings.
  • Perform comparative/competitive analysis of artificial intelligence solutions and deployment across the industry.
  • Develop an end-to-end deployment strategy and gain strategic alignment with stakeholders.
  • Participate in the selection of artificial intelligence projects, assisting in identifying key opportunities that provide high revenue generation while making key improvements to our customers’ overall service experience.
  • Engage in and oversight of forward-looking program tied to future data trends.
  • Deliver a fresh point of view on our processes and strategy which in turn can be translated into bottom line benefits.

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