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From the Executive Director

by Lamar Johnson, Executive Director, CCIMS

 Lamar JohnsonCCIMS, the Marketing Fellows, and the entire Marketing Department are attracting significant attention both within McCombs, and externally through the Dean’s Advisory Council. In April, we were invited to present our work with the Marketing Fellows in creating “experiential” learning opportunities. Marketing Fellows President Meagan Pishnick and Fellows student Sean Saul participated with me in the presentation to the group, which included Red McCombs. In a letter to the Advisory Council Dean Gilligan commented:

Marketing Fellows LogoThe presentations by Lamar Johnson, Meagan Pishnick (MBA 2012) and Sean Saul (MBA 2012) regarding the Marketing Fellows Program in the Center for Customer Insight and Marketing Solutions further illustrate our commitment to experiential learning at McCombs. Programs like this complement our students' academic preparation and help pave the way to commercial success.

Further, a question from one of the Council members about Marketing students' analytic focus led the Dean to respond as follows:

Brian's question conveys the increasing importance of data-based decision making in marketing. Driven largely by dramatically declining costs of gathering, storing, and processing data, modern marketing professionals conduct systematic and rigorous evaluations of consumer behavior prior to implementing even the most basic strategies. Knowledge of modern data analytics is essential for students embarking on leadership careers in the marketing disciplines.

Ty HendersonTy Henderson is an Assistant Professor of Marketing in the McCombs School of Business. He received a Ph.D. in marketing from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 2007 with minors in Statistics and Social Psychology. Professor Henderson's research applies quantitative methods to address basic marketing questions, such as the measurement of returns on promotional activities and the determinants of consumer behavior. Professor Henderson also teaches a class to first year MBA candidates entitled "Analysis of Markets," a survey of the application of quantitative methods in modern marketing management. This class is taken by virtually all MBA candidates wishing to pursue a career in marketing management.

We are proud that CCIMS and McCombs Marketing are enabling cutting edge educational opportunities for our students, with our sponsors as beneficiaries!

In other news, back in spring of 2007 our Center was re-launched with renewed mission, vision, and strategies. The CCIMS staff is currently conducting a review of that work, updating the mission based on current realities and learnings over the past 4 years. We will be gaining input from many of you over the next several months, with a final review and launch coincident with our fall Marketing Advisory Council meeting. Following these improvements, we expect to be in the ideal position to meet the needs of our constituents.

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