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Academic Requirements

2018 cohort admission application deadline is October 17, 2018

Info Sessions at 5:15pm

October 8th - CBA 3.104

October 9th - RLP 1.302D


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This Certificate Program is offered through the collaboration of Center for Global Business at the McCombs School of Business and the International Relations and Global Studies major of the College of Liberal Arts.


Nine hours (all) of the courses below:

  • IRG 320F Foundations of International Relations and Global Studies (3 hours)
    Prerequisite: IRG 301: Introduction to International Relations and Global Studies waived for business students only
  • MAN 336 Organizational Behavior (MAN 320F may substitute for non-business students) (3 hours)
    Prerequisite: BA 324/324H waived for non-business majors only
  • MAN 137 Introduction to Cultural Adaptability (1 hour) (possible substitutes: MAN 337 Studies in Intercultural Management [in GBLI summer program] and LA 119 Applied Cultural Analysis [Semester Plus students only])
  • MAN 237 Advanced Studies in Cultural Adaptability (2 hours) Coming Spring 2016

Three hours of upper division coursework from any of the following:

  • Asian Studies
  • European Studies
  • French Civilization
  • German, Scandinavian, and Dutch Studies
  • Latin American Studies
  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • Portuguese Civilization
  • Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies
  • African Studies (these courses only):
         AFR 372G Topic 10: Afro-Latin America
         AFR 372G Topic 34: Jesus, Africa, and History 
         AFR 372G Topic 33: Sex & Power in Afr Diaspora
         AFR 374F Topic 12: Visual Arts of the Caribbean 
         AFR 373 Independent Research 
         AFR 374C Topic 6: Apartheid: South African History
         AFR 374C Topic 4: History of Southern Africa
         AFR 374E Topic 4: Reimaging Cuba, 1868 - present
         AFR 374E Topic 2: Politics of Race/Violence in Brazil
         AFR 374F Topic 13: Diaspora Vision
         AFR 374F Topic 22: Music of Mexico and Caribbean
         AFR 679H Honors Tutorial Course (Part A)

Any three hours of Economics coursework.

Three hours upper division coursework from the following:

  • IB 350  International Trade and Investment
  • IB 320F Foundations of International Business (non-business students only)
  • EUS 348.2 International Trade
  • ECO 339K International Trade and Investment

Only one of the following may be counted toward the Global Management Certificate: Applied Learning and Development 119, 219, 319, 419, 519, 619, 179, 279, Liberal Arts 119, 219, 319, 129, 229, 329, Management 137C, 337 (Topic: Intercultural Management), 379, 479, 579, 679.

  • MAN 337 taught in Global Business Leadership Summer Institute may substitute and LA 119 Applied Cultural Analysis may substitute for Semester Plus students only.
  • Liberal Arts 119 (Applied Cultural Analysis) and Management 337 (Studies in Intercultural Management) may be substituted for MAN 137C with instructor approval.

International Experience Requirement

You must earn six hours of “international experience” credit on an approved study abroad program and/or a pre-approved international internship.  If you complete any of the courses above while abroad, they can satisfy requirements for both coursework and the international experience.

International internships through UT's Global Internship program are approved, all others must receive approval one semester in advance to guarantee that they will count for credit towards the certificate.  You do not need to be accepted to the internship to request approval.  Internships must include six weeks abroad and 160 hours of work related to your major or interests.  Submit internship plan to with “Internship Proposal: Your Name” in the subject heading.  Include the following information:

  1. Name of internship program/provider  (e.g., BE Global Program, UT International Office)
  2. City and country of internship
  3. Duration of internship (length of time abroad)
  4. Number of hours worked during internship
  5. Responsibilities
  6. Attached letter from employer confirming the terms of your employment