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The Center for Risk Management and Insurance


Patrick L. Brockett, PhD
Gus S. Wortham Memorial Chairholder in Risk Management and Insurance
Director, Risk Management and Insurance Program
Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management

Mission Statement

The Center for Risk Management and Insurance conducts and disseminates research relevant to the operational concerns and public policy implications of risk analysis and risk management. The mission of the center is to be the premier independent research resource for public policy decision makers within the state of Texas for issues related to risk, its analysis and management. The Center provides independent unbiased analysis of public policy issues related to insurance and risk, as well as rigorous examination of issues involving risk, uncertainty and insurance.

Research topics include: analysis and public policy implications of credit scoring in insurance, environmental risks and their handling, management of risks in the private and public sectors; the social, ethical and financial implications of genetic testing for risk and insurance underwriting, insurance finance, the demand for insurance, moral hazard, and adverse selection problems in insurance, issues in insurance regulation; actuarial and statistical methodology; efficiency of insurance organizations, regulatory issues in automobile insurance, and other topics in risk, insurance and risk management.

An integral part of the Center’s mission is the dissemination of research in peer-reviewed academic journals. Furthering this goal is the sponsorship and editing of The Journal of Risk and Insurance within the Center. The journal is the flagship publication of the American Risk and Insurance Association, and is the premier academic journal in risk management and insurance research in the world. In a recent survey of business school deans, The Journal of Risk and Insurance is ranked as the most influential risk and insurance journal. Another study examined journal subscriptions of libraries at universities whose business schools are accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and found that The Journal of Risk and Insurance's market penetration in accredited business schools is three times as high as that of the second ranking refereed risk and insurance journal, and comparable to that of most finance journals. A study of journals in the area of risk and insurance found that The Journal of Risk and Insurance ranked first in terms of the number of citations in refereed insurance literature and was in a closely ranked group of three journals at the top of the insurance impact rankings. The Journal of Risk and Insurance (JRI) is indexed by the American Economic Association's Economic Literature Index, the Finance Literature Index, the Social Sciences Citation Index, ABI/Inform, and other major indexing services. Dr. Patrick L. Brockett, the Center Director, is the immediate past editor of JRI.


Center for Risk Management and Insurance
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