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Risk Management Concentration

Curriculum Requirements

In order to fulfill the academic requirements, students should take the two following courses:
MKT 282 - Analysis of Markets
STA 287 - Business Analytics and Decision Modeling

Any four (4) courses chosen from the list below:
MIS 382N.9 - Data Mining for Business Intelligence (spring of 1st or 2nd year - preferably first year)
MIS 382N.12 - Social Media Analytics (spring of 2nd yr)
OM 382 - Pricing and Revenue Optimization (fall of 2nd year)
OM 386 - Supply Chain Management (spring of 2nd year)
MIS 383N - Decision support modeling (spring of 2nd year - either STA 287 or MIS383N)
MKT 382 - Marketing Information and Analysis (fall of 2nd year)
MKT 382 - Marketing Decision Making in the Information Age (spring of 1st or 2nd year)
MKT 382.18 - Marketing Metrics (spring of 2nd year)
RM 395.7 - Managing International Risk

Recommended Electives:
FIN 397.1 - Investment Theory and Practice
FIN 394.1 - Advanced topics in Corporate finance

Faculty Contact: Prabhudev Konana

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