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Co-Curricular Programming

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CLE Fellows

This selective program offers MBA students in their first year the opportunity to partake in additional leadership-focused workshops and instruction in the spring semester. With an emphasis on leadership, conflict management, and ethics topics, this curriculum serves to prepare CLE Fellows to actively mentor incoming first year MBA study teams in the fall. Through the program, students gain real life management experience with individuals and teams along with leadership coaching on conflict management, organizational culture, and how to give and receive candid feedback.

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The life of a CLE fellow begins after acceptance to the fellowship program. Kicking off in their first year Spring Semester, fellows begin their time in the program engaging in a weekly lecture and discussion series led by guest speakers ranging from heads of Fortune 500 companies to renowned professors and experts in fields such as behavioral economics and ethics. Through these interactions and workshops, students learn how to define their own values system, how to engage different types of leaders, and how to manage conflict on a situational and emotional level. The goal is to provide a level of introspection and leadership coaching that our fellows can then bring to incoming first year students. 

At the start of their second year, our CLE Fellows work closely with incoming first year student groups to facilitate team building and mentorship. CLE Fellows are often the first interaction point between second year students and incoming students, which starts with a simple phone call from a CLE Fellow to a new student in an effort to provide a supportive and helpful resource for new students. The fellows are the source of student support and mentorship for the incoming class. 

As the dedicated body of students focused on Ethics and Leadership at McCombs, the CLE Fellows work closely with the Center and the Program Office on perfecting study group interactions and ensuring that each student and each study group has a meaningful and positive experience as they adjust to being back in school. While our CLE Fellows focus on making sure our first year students bond and build out their leadership skills, the cohort of fellows also maintains close-knit relationships with one another and serve as coaches, advocates, and friends to each other as they continue recruiting and exploring life after McCombs. 

CLE Fellows for 2021-2022

  • Sean Dougherty: Co-Chair
  • Caroline Peterson: Co-Chair
  • Megan Anderson
  • Trent Balbus
  • Gouthami Boinpally
  • Clara Borges
  • Alyssa Buchanan
  • Mercy Emelike
  • Kelsey Flynn
  • Nicole Fung
  • Aatiq Ghulam
  • Garrett Goehring
  • Sebastian Gomez
  • Katherine Jenson
  • Garrett Ley
  • Kajal Magal
  • Jerry Miller
  • Shilpi Patel
  • Amit Rughani
  • Mackenzie Schnell
  • Corey Thomas
  • Erika Wendel
  • Sam Whitford
  • Kyle Yu

Ethics Unwrapped

The need for principled and informed leaders is more critical than ever. Ethics Unwrapped is a grant-funded program to provide free ethics education. It is used by more than 1,200 universities globally. This collection of ethics videos, definitions, case studies and teaching materials is unrivaled in scale and scope for behavioral ethics education.

Learn more about Ethics Unwrapped


Watch: College Admissions Scandal
Watch: Virtue Ethics

Speaker Series

Speaker Series

The CLE sponsors a variety of speaker series to bring in thought leaders in the areas of leadership and ethics.

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The VIP Distinguished Speaker Series >

The VIP Distinguished Speaker Series

The VIP Distinguished Speakers Series has been around for over a decade as an opportunity for Fortune 500 C-level Executives to visit McCombs to share their Views, Insights, and Perspectives. VIP also gives students the opportunity to ask these guests questions and interact in more intimate environments.

Corporate Social Responsibility Speaker Series

The Corporate Social Responsibility speaker series, which has been ongoing since 2007, invites a variety of corporate social responsibility and ethics experts to McCombs. Throughout the series, students and faculty are exposed to experts in a wide range of topics, including whistleblowing, poverty, sustainability and conscious capitalism. Speakers with a variety of backgrounds prime attendees for the ever-changing and complicated business world. 

Dean's Speaker Series

One of the exceptional opportunities available to students at Texas McCombs is the ability to interact with alumni and supporters of the School who are happy to share their experiences in order to benefit future generations of leaders. This speaker series provides an opportunity for students to hear and learn from a diverse set of leaders from the corporate world, non-profits, government and/or the military. The events will consist of an interview with the McCombs Dean, followed by Q&A with the students, with a focus on adding value to our students.

Leadership Labs

Leadership Labs

The CLE leadership labs are a unique space of 4 study rooms reserved for leadership coaching of first year MBA study teams, as well as for one-on-one sessions. These rooms offer teams conference call abilities for project meetings with clients as well as the chance to videotape and debrief group meetings to assess communication effectiveness for improvement.

To reserve a Leadership Lab room, please email Jamie Smith at