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McCombs alumni experience covers the world, and whether the international experience started at UT or long after, McCombs alumni have a perspective like no other.  As global events move to fundamentally change how business is done, our undergraduate students need to connect with that perspective now more than ever.

The Center for Global Business advances the global business acumen and engagement of our students with the support of our alumni and friends all over the world. Please consider connecting and joining with us as we craft the next generation of world leaders today, and visit our blog CGB Insights for the latest thoughts on international business..

Bulletin for Global Alumni

CGB recently undertook a re-visioning and repositioning project to better address the global goals of McCombs and UT. The result is our Strategic Plan, which prioritizes connecting with UT alumni throughout the world. UT graduates living and working abroad are a unique resource for our students, and we’ve always found them generous with their time, ideas, and support. Our monthly Alumni Bulletins are designed to broaden our global alumni relationships while offering ways to help UT graduates strengthen their connection to UT and engage with our activities and students. Click HERE for the current bulletin.

Tell Your Story to a Student

CGB's international business and global management students. are looking forward to joining the professional world, but their prospects are vast and can, on occasion, be overwhelming.  Hearing the stories of those who graduated before them can help them appreciate the variety of professional paths that await them. 

So if you have a few minutes to spare and a smart phone on hand, please consider recording a brief (3-5 minutes) video about your own professional journey to share with the students. Contact Deborah Salzberg if you'd like to participate or if you have any questions.

Join Us at an Event

The Center for Global Business hosts a number of events throughout the year designed to widen perspectives and deepen understanding of business changes as borders are crossed.  From international marketing to cross-border mergers, nothing stays the same in a global context.

This point has been brought home this year as the popularity of live events has yielded to virtual ones.  But CGB is ready to take advantage of this shift, and is now producing regular virtual events bringing perspectives and insights from across the world to your screens.

Join us at our next event -  Leveraging History: Critical Insights for Today's Global Leaders with Gary Hoover on March 3rd @ 5:00 pm.  RSVP here.

Connect a Student with a Job

Students pursuing international business at McCombs are among the best and the brightest nationwide, demonstrating the adaptability, growth mindset, and critical thinking coveted by employers.

Prospective employers can connect with these students directly through our exclusive job portal. Contact John Burrows for information on posting your internship or full-time position.

Mentor a Student

Mentoring is an essential component of professional development, and the Center helps international business students gain access to professionals with valuable international experience. We consistently have a need for mentors, and all its takes is about one hour per month to make a difference.

If you’re interested in connecting with a student, complete a brief application or contact John Burrows, our External Relations Advisor, for more information.