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Global Management Credentials

McCombs School of Business McCombs School of Business

Global Management Minor

The Global Management minor offer give students a unique combination of academic and experiential learning with:

  • Insight into geopolitical factors that affect business decisions
  • International business skills and knowledge valued by employers
  • Experience studying or working in a non-US cultural environment
  • Management skills for leading international teams, projects, negotiations, and partnerships

International Experience & Capstone Course

Studying or interning abroad allows students to apply their skills in places with new attitudes, norms, and expectations. Global Management students learn to leverage this experience through a two-part sequence consisting of:

  • A study abroad or international internship (of more than 5 weeks)
  • A capstone course in which the international experience is analyzed (course number TBA)

NOTE:  This element of the Global Management curriculum was recently changed to the above sequence, effective Fall 2021. For more information about this change, or to discuss how it may impact you, please contact

During the current travel disruptions, the Center for Global Business recognizes the importance of ensuring that students acquire the skills and understanding typically obtained through a traditional international experience. We will therefore work with individual students to develop an alternative project to ensure the educational purpose of the program is maintained.

Supplemental Coursework

Global Management students also complete the following at any point in their academic journey:

  • Foundations of International Relations and Global Studies (IRG 320F)
  • Organizational Behavior (MAN 336) or Foundations of Management (MAN 320F) (non-McCombs only)
  • 3 hours of international business from IB 350/EUS 342.8, IB 350S, or IB 320F (non-McCombs only)
  • Certificate students also complete 3 hours of ECO and Area Studies (talk to your advisor)

 Admissions Criteria

  • You must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate at The University of Texas at Austin
  • You must currently be in good academic standing at the university, with a minimum UT GPA of 3.0 

How to Apply

Applications are due accepted on a rolling basis. Before applying, students should speak with an academic advisor to determine which credential -- minor or certificate -- is best suited for their situation. 

  1. Enter the Registrar Document Submission page for either Certificates or Minors (be sure you select the right one)
  2. Enter your EID where indicated, and select "International Business" from the "Field of Study" menu
  3. Click Next to proceed.
  4. Select "Global Management" from the "Type" menu.
  5. Confirm your choice and submit the application.

You will receive notification as soon as your application has been processed, at which time you will need to contact your academic advisor and inform them you would like your minor tied to your degree profile.

Choosing Between Credentials

Requirements for the Global Management Certificate and Minor are very similar, and you should choose on the basis of the catalog you are using.

  • Global Management Certificate – for students enrolled in catalogs prior to 2020-2022
  • Global Management Minor – for students enrolled in catalogs starting with 2020-2022

Changing catalogs can have serious consequences, so speak with your academic advisor about your options. You may only apply to and pursue one GM credential, but once you’re admitted, you may change credentials once, at the Director's discretion.

Questions? Contact anytime.